Question To how much should I overclock I5 2500K with Hyper 212 Evo

Jun 25, 2020

As I said in previous topics, I decided to buy Hyper 212 Evo for my I5 2500K.

I want to overclock the CPU, but I don't know to how much I should push it...

Any ideas? Suggestions?


Intel Master

Some overclock higher than others, so there's no "formula". You might be able to reach only 4.2, or as high as 4.8, or anywhere between. It all depends on how good an overclocker your particular CPU sample is. No one can predict that. We can only say what is "typical" for an i5-2500K, which is roughly 4.5'ish to 4.6'ish. The only way to know is to go ahead and overclock it to see what yours can reach.

No two processors are identical; each is unique in voltage tolerance, thermal behavior and overclocking potential, which is often referred to as the "silicon lottery".

Overclocking is always limited by two factors; voltage and temperature.​

For 2nd generation Sandy Bridge processors such as your 2500K, the maximum recommended Core voltage is 1.375, and the maximum recommended Core temperature is 80°C, so you'll need a decent CPU cooler. Whatever highest stable overclock you can achieve without exceeding 1.375 Vcore and 80°C will be the best overclock for your particular 2500K.

Although there are plenty of guides available on the Internet to help you, I suggest that you start here:



Isn't 4.5 like... too much?
Not at all but as CT pointed out, it'll depend on a few factors. But i did give you a rough estimate of around that level, doesn't need to be at 4.5, it could be maybe 4.3 or if you're lucky, perhaps some other higher number.

What's the reason for OC? Have you considered looking for an upgrade? If not a complete overhaul, there could be good deals on second hand i7s on the market ie 2600/2600k, 3770/3770k. If you play other games besides CSGO, the extra threads go along way with these ancient chips.