Question To keep my outdated LGA 1151 or switch to AM4?

May 13, 2019
I have a GIGABYTE H170-D3HP. The highest CPU I can support is a 7700k (this board cant OC but k's still run a bit better.) I'm intrigued by the price value that AMD CPU's have and am tempted to buy a new mobo that supports them. Especially with the new 3000 series coming out soon. I mainly use my PC for gaming.

My options are this:
  1. Stick with my current Gigabyte motherboard, get the i7-7700k. Buy a new motherboard later on.
  2. Buy a new am4 motherboard and get either a new Ryzen series CPU or a current one cheaper when they come out.
Any thoughts to help a novice Pc builder out?

Math Geek

what cpu do you have now? would you see any improvement with the i7 over what you have now in the games you play?

how much would the 7700k cost you? can you get a full upgrade to AM4 and ryzen for similar money or little more?

what gpu do you have now? is it good enough to use the better cpu?

what games do you play? would they see any benefit from such a move or would it be simply to make you feel better about it?

these are basic questions to ask yourself.
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