To superfetch or not to superfetch


May 6, 2007
That is the question.

I have 4gigs and with one firefox window and AVG antispyware and AVG anti virus and sidebar with 5 widgets oops gadgets and steam I am using 33% of it. So like 1.5 gigs I guess?! So I have about 2.5 gig left for when I run a game. I was wondering since mostly the only thing I do is game and photoshop do i need superfetch, I heard it kills game performance. I do have a 4gig flash drive I can use for readyboost. I heard it will store the superfetch files on the flash drive so I won't use my RAM up and my hardrive will stop thrashing (I heard it was that term). I have a very loud HD (raptor) so that would be very nice. So basicly my question is will I be better off with superfetch or no superfetch?

Super fetch and Readyboost are two different applications. I use 4 GBs system RAM and an additional 4 GB Readyboost flash drive. Be sure to Format yiour readyboost flash drive to NTFS before enabling it to run Readyboost.


May 12, 2006
Your ram usage is normal. I have the same open on my 2 gig Vista Ultimate system and it uses half of it. Vista pre loads your normal stuff.
The ram is there, just being used by the program in advance to lessen load times.