To use a high speed sd card as Internal Storage for Android


Jun 29, 2016
I have a Moto G4 Plus, 32 GB android smartphone and its internal storage has been completely occupied. To get over this problem, i had been using a Class-10 SanDisk Ultra 128 GB for the past 10 months, which unexpectedly stopped working the last month. My data was not lost however i was not able to write nor delete the contents of the Sd Card. I requested for an RMA and within a few days i was provided a replacement but this clearly suggests these sd cards are not reliable.

I was using it as an external storage, i don't what would've happen otherwise. Backing up the data before replacement was a hassle itself. Instead of using a Card reader, as suggested by the agent i had to use the Data cable for connection, else the card would automatically disconnect as soon as i started to copy or move a file into my PC.

Now the real problem with these Class-10 cards is they are not fast enough to be used as the Internal Storage. Even on pc with USB 2, i used to get a constant 6.6 MB/s which is not even close to what they claim, i.e. 10 MB/s. I guess USB 2 is not a problem there as the card itself is slower than the max that USB 2 supports, 30-35 MB/s.

For the same reason, i'm thinking to upgrade to a High end sd card like the Sandisk Extreme Pro which has far better write speeds of upto 90 MB/s on USB 3 and also comes with a life time warranty. I'll use it as Internal storage to enable faster loading of apps and for taking pictures as speed is the priority for me. About reliability i don't know. Is it worth it?


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