Tommorow i will buy corsair ram..Two choices


Apr 21, 2007
i am planning tomorrow(Since today we r getting our salaries :D ) to buy 2GB XMS Corsair of Ram and removing the old value select 1gb corsair ram.

my computer Specs are :

Motherboard : Asus A8N32 SLI - Deluxe
CPU : AMD ATHLON 64 X2 Dual Core +4400 @2.21Ghz - 2MB L2 Cache
Cpu Cooler : Zalman CNPS9500 LED
Graphics Card: XFX GTS 8800 640MB
Ram : 1GB (one Stick) Corsair PC 3200 (Model No : vs1GB400C3)
Keyboard: Trantula Razer Gaming Keyboard
Mouse : Logitech G7 Gaming Mouse
LCD: Benq 19 inch
MousePad : Xtrac Ripper XXL
WebCam : Logitech QuickCam Ultra Vision Special Edition
PowerSupply : Aopen 400watt (Next Month upgrading to OCZ GameXStream OCZ 850W GXS SLI)

I have browsed looking for the corsair ram...and now i am going for one of the following choices
A) 2 Sticks (each sold separately ) of
2 single sticks each is alone of XMS

which each one has 2-3-3-6 latency


B) 2 sticks (Sold together as dual) of
xms dual sticks

which both together have a latency of 3-4-48 latency together

the confusion is that the first choice has in its description that the model is available in dual mode which most likely to be exactly the second choice but the problem is that i don't have any experience in the field of ram's mind tells me as a noob in the matter of latency is that since the first choice each stick have 2-3-3-6 latency then they will have both together 2-3-3-6 together as a dual mode...the second choice explains in its description that both sticks are in dual mode and have 3-4-4-8 latency .

my mind tells me i should go for the first choice because it is better this true??or the two choices are the same...or the second is better??

please going to order the rams tomorrow:)

all helps are appreciated in this thread.
thanx in advance. :D