Tom's Hardware and Tom's Guide both in forum feed but on different sites? I'm so lost

Hello all,
Today I ran into something rather confusing. I was at and clicked on something from the Forum Live Feed that looked interesting. Little did I expect I'd end up on which has a completely different menu for giving me notifications and isn't bound within the one here on tomshardware and I'm so lost.

So let me try to present this in a way you can understand.

I was at and clicked on Tunderstorm/Lightning stuck, TV... yeah that thread which is in the Tom's Hardware forum feed but I don't follow it on Tom's Hardware, I follow it on Tom's Guide? When I arrived at Tom's Guide, I saw that there was a notification waiting for me from a thread I had apparently abandoned because I didn't know how to get to it and later forgot about it.

My question is: If it shows up on, why can't I follow it on tomshardware,com? Why do I have to follow it on This is so confusing.

Just in case someone tells me that the lists are separate and this doesn't happen, here it is:
Please ignore the local only music on the left, I just haven't set up OneDrive yet.

Any and all advice is welcome. Thanks in advance to all that at least try to help me.

BTW, I'm going offline for hopefully no more than twenty minutes. Be back soon.



Mar 16, 2013
The two sites are sisters, and some things will show up on the other's feed.
There is a lot of crossover.

And sometimes a thread will get moved to the other, to match up with a particular subforum that is more relevant to that particular thread.

You haven't broken anything, and nothing is broken.
TBH, I didn't even know that Tom's Guide had a forum. I found the site by accident once and noticed the very different layout and noticed it seems to serve a different audience so I left it alone. I guess I had stumbled across a thread in the past, not figured out how to get back to it, and it was resolved by another user so I'm not upset.

Either way, I'm glad I got this clarified. It kind of makes sense now.