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Good Monday to you all! This is an exciting week for some people. Tomorrow is the official release of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain! And of course, we here at Tom’s Hardware are going to be giving a copy away!

Since we only have one copy this time (sorry guys) we’re going to make this really interesting. Here’s what you will have to do to enter this giveaway:

As somebody who has never played the games, I don’t know what the heck is going on anymore. It looks like there is a whole lot of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff going on. It’s confusing! In your own words, please explain to us the plot of the overall MGS story so far. Be creative. Make it funny and interesting, because for the first time, you will all be the judges for this week’s giveaway. That’s right, due to popular request, we’re going to experiment and let you pick the winners! Here’s how that will work: Simply upvote the post if you liked the person’s summary. It’s that simple. You can upvote as many as you’d like.

One rule though: Please do not downvote posts. If you didn’t like it, just skip over it. There’s a lot of potential for abuse here so we are strongly discouraging the use of downvotes. It also makes it a total hassle for me to track. If there is rampant abuse of downvoting, to the point where we can’t determine accurate numbers, the giveaway will have to be scrapped and redone in a less interesting manner. So there’s your warning.

The best (most popular) summary will win a pre-order copy of MGS V, which comes with Ground Zeroes!

As an added bonus, we here in the office will choose our favorite, who will be dubbed the runner-up and will receive a copy of Ground Zeroes!

Contest will run until 12 PM EDT on Friday, September 4th. That’s 12:00 noon. Winners will receive their prize via Steam gifts; a Steam account is required to receive and to play the game. One entry per user. Attempts to cheat the system will result in automatic disqualification.

Be sure to join our Steam group! The group is nearing 1,000 members, and we’ve got a great surprise planned for that, so help us reach that goal faster by inviting your friends!

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Apr 17, 2011
Nine years in the future, Snake wakes up to find the Borg have mated with the Geth and his entire game world has gone off it's rails. Help Snake find Princess Peach and make the world of Kerbin right again!

Razvan Bolohan

Apr 25, 2013
To be honest, I have no idea what MGS is all about. As a pc gamer I have little or no knowledge of the franchise and this is the reason why I'm entering the giveaway to find out.


Jul 27, 2015
MGS is about a one-eyed pirate named Snake. His super power is hiding under boxes and his nemesis' are giant robots called metal gears.

Snake used to have two eyes back when his video games were on the NES. When playstation picked up the series, Snake gained the ability to hide under boxes, but he lost an eye at some point.


Jun 24, 2015
So this guy named Snake, he wakes up in the world of Nintendo, he has to fight for his life because there are all of these people attacking him, but when he gets knocked out and flies into the sky he just comes back. He's beaten, he can't take much more, you as Snake must fight your way back to where you came from, or atleast get rid of this fat pink blob that keeps sucking you up and that fox with a gun, it makes absolutely no sense to Snake, but he has to deal with it.


Aug 31, 2015
MSG, the very first game on playstation that used the controller's vibration to enhance the game experience. It should also be noted that the game, at some point, asked the user to allow the game and the vibrating controller to act as a massager for the player. (I followed the instructions and used it on my wrist, don't know where other players put their controllers.)

The second game on PS2, a lot of us brought Zone of Enders just to get the demo disc then demanded a refund. Yes, this was before online gaming and downloadable demos but who could forget the melting ice cubes.

Third game, those sexy bikinis in the HD remake...

Fourth game, I am getting too old for this shit and I didn't want to buy a PS3 just for this game. BTW, is this game ever going to come out on XBOX 360?

Fifth game, when did Raiden got all chopped up and put back together? Wasn't he was human who got stripped naked and ran around covering his private in MSG2?


Aug 31, 2015
Alright man, I just played the MGS saga, let's start this.


The MGS saga has 2 main sagas. With Big Boss and Solid Snake. You might think they are the same person because they are both named Snake in the games. They are not.

The main character in Metal Gear 1 and 2, and Metal Gear Solid 1, 4 and 2 (for some time) is Solid Snake

The main character in Metal Gear Solid 3, Peace Walker, Ground Zeroes and the upcoming Phantom Pain is Big Boss.

They also look very very similar. I will explain that soon.

Chronologically, the order is MGS 3 -> MGS PW -> MGS GZ -> MGS TPP -> MG 1 -> MG 2 -> MGS1 -> MGS2 -> MGS4

This means you really only have to know about MGS 3 and PW to understand Phantom Pain, but I'll tell you more because of some important details.

::::: MGS 3 (During the Cold War)

It all started with ANOTHER character called The Boss (there are a lot of bosses in this). The Boss was a woman who trained Big Boss (named Jack initially) . During MGS 3 you play a mission that ends with Jack killing The Boss. A series of complicated twists are revealed, but the gist of the thing is that the USA sent The Boss in a mission to Russia, creating the lie that she "defected" to the soviet union. Unexpectedly, a russian bombed a facility in his own country, to make everyone think The Boss was the culprit. This way, the USA hated The Boss for defecting and Russia hated The Boss for bombing the facility.

Jack, also believing The Boss defected, killed her (orders from the US). Only after this ordeal did he find out that The Boss never betrayed her country, and that the USA used him to get rid of her. He was awarded by the USA and given the title of Big Boss, because he was even "better than The Boss".

Understandably, Big Boss wasn't happy about this, and decided he wouldn't fight for a country, because the country doesn't care about you, or heroes or whatever, proved by how they dealt with The Boss. So he founded Militaire Sans Frontieres, a sort of private army without ideology, country or beliefs. They could be used by the weak to face the strong, they would be the next world power.

It's important to mention that Big Boss's commander was Major Zero in this mission. He also quits. There was also an agent called EVA that helped Big Boss, she rode a bike and loved to show her breasts. That's one of the reasons why Big Boss had sex with her.

The USA saw an opportunity in Big Boss. He was considered the best soldier in the country, a role model, the perfect weapon. Thus they began the Les Enfant Terrible project (The Terrible Children, pardon my french). This project consisted of gathering DNA samples of Big Boss and making clones of him. This is how Solid Snake was born, but hey, I said "clones", in fact, 6 clones, of which 2 survived. Liquid Snake and Solid Snake. This was on purpose. According to Liquid Snake in MGS 1, they created him to hold the recessive genes (hence why is the Nazi party's dream, blonde, blue eyes, all that jazz), in order for Solid Snake to hold the dominant genes and become the strongest soldier possible. More on these shenanigans later.


::::: PEACE WALKER (After the Cold War)

Peace Walker was one of the first major missions for MSF (Militaire Sans Frontieres). A professor and his student (a girl named Paz) come to MSF informing BB that Costa Rica has been invaded by a private army and they're doing stuff. BB knows his stuff and realizes the professor is KGB and the private army is CIA. BB does the mission anyway for reasons irrelevant to the major plot. The KGB officer also offers him a base , called the Mother Base, the where MSF does its thing.

BB enters Costa Rica and finds out they are making a giant mech thing called the Peace Walker, the "Ultimate Nuclear Deterrent". What's a nuclear deterrent? Worry not, they explain this to you like 7 times in the game. It's simple, in theory, no one fires nuclear bombs because they fear the retaliation. They fear that this retaliation will start a WW3. But there's a CIA analyst leading this army. His name is.... HOT COLDMAN...I'm serious. No one even questions this. His name is Hot Coldman, but whatevs. He doesn't 100% believe the Nuclear Deterrent Theory, and think humans are flawed, that they could never retaliate knowing that they would start WW3. So Peace Walker basically ALWAYS retaliates, supposedly making the Nuclear Deterrent Theory perfect. To prove this, he wants to be the first to strike...for some reason...I didn't quite understand why, it's not important and basically: Hot Coldman = Cray Cray, as if his name didn't give it away.

Throughout the whole game you're working on a Mech, a bipedal robot called......Metal Gear ZEKE (hey that's the title!)

Long story short, BB destroys the peace walker and puts its nuclear warhead in the Metal Gear ZEKE (yeah because that's a great idea) and all is well.....not. Turns out Paz is an agent working for Major Zero, she hijacks the MGZ (in her underwear for some reason). BB takes MGZ down and Paz falls in the water.

Big Boss is all pumped up and decides MSF will be like, totes cool. They will fight for who needs them, they will face anyone. The Mother Base will be their Outer Heaven.

This is the story of Big Boss up until now.

I'll now fast forward to Solid Snake's adulthood.

In Metal Gear 1, working for FOXHOUND, founded by the "legendary" Big Boss, he invades a base called....Outer Heaven which is making a mech called Metal Gear (hey!) . Lots of things happen and he almost kills Big Boss, since it turns out he owns Outer Heaven, but we knew that. In Metal Gear 2, in another mission in Zanzibar, Solid Snake kills Big Boss.

:::: MGS 1 (21st Century)

Basically, Solid Snake invades a base called Shadow Moses, occupied by a FOXHOUND team led by Liquid Snake since they're building a.....guess what.... a Metal Gear. (That's basically the apparent mission objective to every game, to stop a Metal Gear from being built, I'm guessing that's how they get away with always using the same name)

Long story short he finds Liquid Snake, who tells him about the Les Enfants Terrible project, that he was supposed to be the inferior soldier. He says that Big Boss was always telling him that he was inferior. Liquid Snake says he wants the world to be like what it was in his father's time (Big Boss), where soldiers, and not information, lead the fight. He will use the Metal Gear for that.

It's also revealed that the medical advisor, Naomi Hunter, injected Solid Snake with FOXDIE, a virus that will eventually kill him. A virus that spread to Liquid Snake, and that's how Liquid died. Solid doesn't know how long he has to live.

Now, what I haven't told you about all this time, is the most ridiculous and strangely important character in the Metal Gear franchise. Ocelot. Ocelot likes guns. A lot, he spins them around, loves reloading them, it's his dream. Hell, Ocelot is actually his last name. His full (code) name is Revolver Ocelot (and what do you know, he uses revolvers!). In fact, just watch this video and laugh a bit:

Funny right? Yeah, and that's from MGS 3. So he met Big Boss, and he was stubborn as hell about trying to kill him (trying, he never actually wanted to kill him). We'll see more about his relationship with BB in Phantom Pain.

In MGS 1 he's one of the members of the FOXHOUND team, and he loses his hand to a ninja (yeah but that's another story, I don't think it's relevant, but basically he was Gray Fox a former agent of FOXHOUND working for Big Boss). Ocelot decides it's a good idea to transplant dead Liquid Snake's hand into him arm.

After the credits we hear him making a call. He says "they don't know you're the third clone......Mr.President". So yeah, at the time, the POTUS was the third clone of Big Boss. Solidus Snake.

::::: MGS 2

In MGS 2 we find out Liquid's personality is taking over Ocelot, and so Ocelot sort of becomes Liquid Ocelot (yeah really). After MGS 1, Ocelot distributed the Metal Gear plans to the world. Now every nation has a metal gear. Metal Gear RAY is the new name. Solid Snake invades a tanker to find out more about it. The tanker is destroyed. Solid Snake is framed for this tragedy and everyone thinks he's a traitor. He sort of dies.

Protagonist switch to Raiden. Now the main character is Raiden.

His mission is in Big Shell, a base formed after the tragedy. Terrorist captured it and have the president (not the third clone, a new president) . Raiden eventually meets the president, who tells him about The Patriots (this is important). The Patriots are like a secret society, they run everything, and they built another Metal Gear ( Arsenal Gear). Where is this Arsenal Gear? "YOU'RE STANDING ON IT". Big Shell, the whole facility is built over this huge Metal Gear, made to fight the Metal Gear RAYs. The Patriots also decide presidents and everything. Full on tinfoil conspiracy. They want to use a software called GW to control the increasing flow of information. If they don't have GW, they can't control the information like they used to.

By the way, Solid Snake also shows up, he survived the tanker thing and he's here to stop Arsenal Gear.

Fast forward. Turns out the whole mission was made to recreate the mission from MGS 1, to make Raiden a soldier as good as Solid Snake, Solidus Snake was Raiden's foster father, he kills Solidus.

Ocelot escapes with the Metal Gear, end game.

:::: MGS 4

Liquid Ocelot is absolutely fried, now he is totally Liquid Snake.[strike] Because of FOXDIE, Solid is an old man, like really old, FOXDIE accelerated his aging.[/strike] (EDIT: Wrong, it's actually because that's how he was programed as a clone. I think forgetting some details is....understandable). He is Old Snake now.

What happens is nano machines and nano machines and nano machines. Raiden shows up, he's a ninja now.

Solid kills Liquid, destroys the Metal Gear, all that.

It's revealed Solid has 1 year to live.

Solid is obviously a bit sad about this, and decides to kill himself in front of Big Boss's grave. He points a gun at his head and.....


He's alive! Somehow!

He stops Solid from killing himself, and proceeds to drop some exposition.

So he reveals that after whatever happens in MGS 3 happens, he, Major Zero and Ocelot all wanted to free the world of the Cold War ways, they all followed The Boss's ideology. Major Zero created the Patriots. Ocelot did all those things we saw, mostly spinning guns. Big Boss...well, that's what MGS 5 is for. The Patriots, after Zero founded them, became: Zero, EVA ( who is revealed to be the clones's surrogate mother), Big Boss, Ocelot and 2 unimportant people.

Eventually BB and Zero fight over the last M&M and part ways. BB was the symbol of the Patriots, so Zero needed someone to put in all the posters, so he did the Les Enfants Terrible project. This is because after Big Boss left, Zero went cuckoo, which led to the Patriots eventually becoming an AI that manipulates the war economy.

This whole thing happens between MGS 3 and PW, that's why Paz, an agent of zero goes after Big Boss.

He moves to the side and reveals Major Zero, basically a vegetable, stuck in his wheelchair, super old. BB kills him by turning off the machine.

Big Boss tells Solid that Liquid didn't possess Ocelot through is arm, but through drugs and nano machines and other contrived explanations.

Big Boss seemingly dies.

The End.

I sped up the Solid Snake story because it shouldn't be very important for 5.

Throughout the whole story, there is also a tale of bravery and persistence. The constant struggle between Johnny and his sudden bowel movements. In every game, you see Johnny, a lonely soldier fighting a different sort of war. The war against diarrhea. He is triumphant in the end, since he marries a girl, love grand enough to overshadow the constant threat of diarrhea.

(I'm actually serious about that, he shows up a lot)

So, to conclude:

  • ■ Big Boss basically has a private army.

    ■ He was recently threatened by an agent working for his old commander, Major Zero.

    ■ Major Zero created the Patriots in between MGS 3 and PW.

    ■ Big Boss, EVA and Ocelot will eventually join the Patriots. BB eventually leaves and does his thing in PW. After BB leaves, Zero loses his chill.

    ■ Big Boss has clones, Liquid and Solid Snake who will probably appear in MGS 5.

    ■ Ocelot knows him, and in the future will be a major player against solid snake.

    ■ Big Boss's mentor was The Boss, she's like his ultimate role model.

    ■ Johnny poops a lot.

PS: Chico was a kid he helped in Peace Walker, in case he shows up (he does show up in Ground Zeroes)

PS2: If you end up playing the games, please do hear "genes" as "jeans", it's hilarious. "Don't let your jeans control you!", "Your jeans define you", "I will not be constrained by my jeans", "Our jeans aren't unique!"

That's it. I probably confused you even further, or maybe not, but there is it. MGS ultra fans, feel free to fire at me, I know I'm probably wrong about some things.


Nov 1, 2010
A man has is bitten in the eye by a cobra. The attack causes him to lose the eye while the cobra slithers away with it. After overcoming the paralysis, the man takes on the name "Solid Snake" and, armed with nothing but an eye patch and a cardboard box, he sets off to retrieve his eye and exact revenge. What he encounters is just a really bizarre story with a lot of robots and bad guys and stuff that literally, you would never see coming.


Aug 31, 2015
Considering is getting closer to the end of Big Boss storyline it would have something to do with the preparation of les infantes terribles (his sons: Solid, Liquid and Solidus) to actually challenge him.
The plot should present Big Boss as he starts running into his vision of Zanzibar that ended up with Solid defeating him.


Apr 23, 2015
Will try not to spoil the story TOO much, ill try writing down some of the most important events of the MGS story so if you havent played most of the games already, beware.

It all began with Big Boss aka "Naked Snake" killing The Boss back in 1964, however Big Boss realizes killing The Boss was all a ruse setup by the American government so he loses faith for his country and decides to do something else with his life without succeeding, by this time he still hadnt accepted the title of Big Boss since The Boss was everything for him and stated that "The day he killed The Boss was the day when he died as well"

Skipping to 1970, the FOX unit (the unit Snake/Big Boss worked with in '64) supposedly goes rogue after some of the members cause a revolt in San Hieronymo, Snake gets captured by FOX and there he meets Roy Campbell aka KERNELL! and Frank Jaeger aka HURT ME MORE SNAKE IT HURTS SO GOOD~
After a series of events Snake manages to defeat the leader of the rebellion and forms FOXHOUND to give a "home" to the soldiers he rescued during the incident.

In 1971 Snake gets wounded during a mission and is taken back to a hospital, there, The Patriots get their hands on his genes in order to use them for their "Les Enfants Terribles" project and give birth to Solid and Liquid Snake.

In 1972 Snake starts working with the Colombian Army and finds Kazuhira "the kawaiiest" Miller's guerilla unit, wiping them out except for Kaz (Boss has a thing for kawaiiness) they both then, establish their own guerilla group called "Militaires Sans Frontieres" (Soldiers Without Borders)

2 years later Snake takes on a job from an old man called Ramon Galvez Mena and a moeblob barely-legal looking girl called Paz (peace in spanish) after a short while, the MSF manages to build a bitchin' mother(fin')base near the coast of Colombia where they take a bunch of POW's and enemy units to train them to become professional kill-- i mean survivalists.
During these events Snake fights a bunch of crazy AI controlled Tanks and Aircrafts that for whatever reason love singing while shooting homing rockets and whatnot at you.
After many rations and near sighted enemy soldiers, Snake finally arrives to take care of the last AI controlled craft called "Peace Walker" which, if it wasnt crazy enough, had the voice of The Boss, Snake's mentor and most beloved person.
Snake manages to take care of Peace Walkers AI but for some reason the craft still remains active, after a bunch of "WHY!?"s later, The Boss's "spirit" takes control of the craft, sinking it deep in the ocean thus preventing yet another nuclear catastrophe. Snake finally decides to take the name of Big Boss because reasons.
This is not the true ending btw but im not going to spoil it for you so ya better start playing those games and get mindfucked :))

--I dont know much about the story after this since i did not play Ground Zeroes that much--

1 year later Paz gets captured XOF forces and Chico, since his puberty was getting close, decides to go on his own and rescue her obviously failing to do so, so once again its up to Big Boss to extract both from Camp Omega, eventually he rescues both of them only to find out that Paz was carrying 2 bombs inside her (one inside her tummy and the other... in a very dark place for a girl) The Phantom Pain begins after this.

Sometime after the events of The Phantom Pain, Big Boss becomes an "evil" son of a b and with the funds he managed to get from all those missions in the past years he created "Outer Haven" a military base that he could use to train any type of human been (that involves kids as well) and turn them into full fledged soldiers.
In 1995 David (Solid Snake) joins FOXHOUND is trained personally by Big Boss in the art of CQC, Big Boss knew David was one of his clones so he decides to give him the codename Solid Snake, some time passes and the US government finds about Outer Haven developing Metal Gear.
Big Boss sends Solid Snake to infiltrate Outer Haven, knowing that he was the person with the least experience in FOXHOUND, to his surprise Solid gets shit done and finds out that the person behind this whole thing was none other than Big Boss himself, they engage in combat with both CQC techniques and gunfire, ends up with Solid outperforming Boss and the latter telling the former that he is his "father"
Outer Haven blows up along with Metal Gear and everything is "happy" again for a short while.

1997, it is not known at the time but Boss somehow managed to survive during the events of Outer Haven, he and the survivors from Outer Haven participated in the Mercenary War gaining independence in the Zanzibar Province, now called Zanzibar Land.

1999, during this time Solid Snake gets recruited by FOXHOUND's current commander KERNELL Roy Campbell and is sent to Zanzibar Land to rescue a scientist, along the way he finds Gray Fox, a former FOXHOUND member and friend, they engage in hand-to-hand combat with Solid beating Gray Fox and starting his masochistic fetishes, Snake finds Metal Gear D, destroys it then once again, engages with Big Boss and comes out victorious.

2005 - Solid Snake still in retirement in Alaska gets dragged out into another mission by Roy Campbell, this time the mission seemed far "simpler", sneak into a huge base through sub zero temperature waters, several GENOME soldiers that had everything but their brains enhanced, rescue 2 VIPs that die from really strange causes oh and stop YET ANOTHER nuclear threat by beating the shit out of his twin "brother" Liquid Snake, of course he succeeds but not after finding out that he was used for testing and discarding purposes, Snake is never seen again for 2 years.

2007 - Revolver Ocelot, a former member of the FOXHOUND group that was involved in the Shadow Moses incident 2 years ago that lost his right arm to a sneaky cyborg ninja, implants Liquid Snake's arm and gets "possessed" by it shortly afterwards.
After 2 very short years of "peace" Solid sneaks into an oil tanker that was supposedly carrying a new type of Metal Gear, he partially succeeds after finding images of the prototype and sending them to a friend of his to be analyzed, however, Ocelot decides to blow up the tanker and taking the new Metal Gear along with him.

2009 - Raidens debut, he was still a rookie and human by this time, the only experience he ever had in infiltration was in VR, gets sent to Big Shell to stop a terrorist group that calls themselves "The Sons of Liberty" led by the lost third "son" Solidus Snake, as Raiden plunges deeper into the Big Shell (no pun intended) he finds the most mysterious character of the whole Metal Gear series - Iroquois Pliskin, who IS this guy anyway!?
With the help of several supporting characters and the very experienced and mysterious Lt. Pliskin, Raiden manages to find the "new" Metal Gear which by then seems to be mass produced already to a certain point at least, he manages to beat THREE, thats right THREE Metal Gear RAYs on his own and engages with Solidus Snake using a fallen cyborg ninja's katana atop the Federal Hall, with Solidus falling down to his demise.




May 19, 2015
I got MGSV so just for fun.

MGS is the madness world we live today. Kojima san just tells the real story with fiction characters and add Metal Gear cause he's Japanese and we all know Japanese loves giant walking mecha.


Jan 20, 2014
Multiple bosses
Multiple snakes
Multiple shady, secret government agencies
Multiple plot twists
Multiple "character deaths"
Hand/nanomachine possession and/or psyche fragmenting
Genetic engineering leading to daddy issues
Cyborg ninjas getting curbstomped by giant robots
New giant robots or AI systems being built seconds after a giant robot or AI system catastrophically ruins something
Biological weapons negating other biological weapons
Simultaneous want for the world to change and for the world not to change



Jul 10, 2010
It's probably best to use as many pictures as possible. I have no idea how they come up with these games.

The important things to remember are that you capture or destroy enemy equipment and personnel. There's two opposing forces at all times: seriousness and a stupid goofiness. Enjoy!
Aug 31, 2015
THE PROLOGUE: A group of extremely powerful guys form the "Wisemen's Committee," which is basically a group that rules the world from behind the scenes. The group gets bigger, and name themselves "The Philosophers." They pool shitloads of money together and continue ruling the world. One of their members tries to expose their existence to the world. They kill him. His daughter goes on to become a legendary soldier codenamed "The Joy," because she enjoys war so much. She and her unit kick all kinds of ass all through World War II. Because she kicked so much ass, she is renamed "The Boss" and gains a reputation as a living legend. She takes on a protege.
METAL GEAR SOLID 3 - SNAKE EATER: The Boss' protege, codenamed "Naked Snake" is sent on a mission to Russia during the height of the Cold War. The Boss betrays him and steals a powerful new nuclear tank called the Shagohod. This is important because the Shagohod was designed as a competitive alternative for the world-shatteringly important weapon known as "Metal Gear." Naked Snake fights a Russian Soldier named Ocelot. Ocelot goes on to be an absurdly important character thirty years later. Naked Snake kills his way through the Boss' old unit, destroys the shit out of the Shagohod to stop it from being used to spark World War III, and then kills the Boss. Naked Snake then finds out that the Boss wasn't really a bad guy after all, she was just so idealistic and devoted to her duty that she was willing to give her life and die as a villain rather than betray her orders. Naked Snake is given the name of "Big Boss," basically just to prove that he was an even bigger badass than she was.
INTERMISSION: Out of respect to the extraordinary ideals of the Boss, Big Boss and all the people who helped him on his mission decide to create the Patriots. The Patriots pick up where the Philosophers left off and begin controlling the world from behind the scenes. The US Government basically looks at Big Boss and says "Holy shit man, he's like the most perfect soldier ever, we gotta try and clone him and make more of that shit!" So they steal his DNA and make three clones. One is named Solid Snake. One is named Liquid Snake. And the other is named Solidus...basically just because they didn't want to call him Gassy Snake, I suppose. Sure enough, they all grow up to be fucking fantastic soldiers...but none of them know that they're actually clones. While the US Government is doing all this cloning shit, Big Boss gets fed up and just quits the world, and goes to Africa to start his own country. He decides to call his country "Outer Heaven."
METAL GEAR: Solid Snake is sent into Outer Heaven to kill Big Boss. He does.
METAL GEAR 2: Turns out Big Boss survived. So Solid Snake is sent to kill him again. Solid Snake fights a soldier named "Gray Fox" and kills him. Solid Snake kills Big Boss for real this time.
METAL GEAR SOLID: Solid Snake is sent to an Alaskan facility for disposing of nuclear missiles, which has been seized by terrorists. Solid Snake finds out that the terrorists are led by Liquid Snake. Solid Snake is infected with a virus called FOXDIE which uses nanomachines in the body to kill certain people...and it can tell which people to kill based on their DNA. Solid Snake meets a guy named Otacon. Solid Snake finds out the disposal facility is actually a research facility for Metal Gear, which is an indestructible tank capable of launching nukes anywhere in the world. Basically the ultimate weapon. Solid Snake meets Ocelot, who is now one of the terrorists. Ocelot's hand is cut off by a cyborg ninja. The cyborg ninja turns out to be Gray Fox, who isn't dead. Gray Fox is then killed later on by Metal Gear, being piloted by Liquid Snake. After killing all the terrorists and stopping them from using Metal Gear, FOXDIE kills Liquid Snake instead of Solid Snake because they have the same DNA.
METAL GEAR SOLID 2 - SONS OF LIBERTY: Solid Snake and Otacon, who are now best buddies, start an organization devoted to getting rid of Metal Gears because they've become popular all over the world. Solid Snake infiltrates an oil tanker that is secretly carrying a new type of Metal Gear specifically designed to kill other Metal Gears. The tanker gets hijacked by a bunch of Russian soldiers, led by Ocelot. Ocelot's hand (and for that matter, his whole freaking arm) has been replaced by using one of Liquid Snake's. This apparently gives Liquid Snake the ghostly ability to possess Ocelot's mind every now and then. The tanker explodes, a natural disaster occurs, and a huge cleanup facility called the Big Shell is erected to fix it. Two years later a totally new character named Raiden shows up. He's sent to liberate the Big Shell from terrorists who've seized control of it. He teams up with Solid Snake, who shows up every now and then. Raiden meets a cyborg ninja similar to the one Solid Snake met back in MGS. Raiden kills his way through the terrorists until suddenly he's swarmed by tons of shattering revelations. First of all the terrorists are led by Solidus Snake (who at this point is a former US president. How the hell this makes sense is never explained that much). Second, Raiden learns about the existence of the Patriots and their secret role in controlling the world. Third, the Big Shell is actually a new type of Metal Gear called "Arsenal Gear" which was built to protect a supercomputer, controlled by an artificial intelligence. This AI, which is codenamed "GW" after the initials of George Washington, was designed to control the flow of all information around the world. Fourth, Raiden's entire mission has been set up as a simulation of Solid Snakes original mission in MGS, to test the Patriot's new system of controlling the masses. Fifth, the cyborg ninja is revealed to be a Russian soldier named Olga, who helped Ocelot hijack the tanker in the beginning of the game. She is being forced to help Raiden (thus betraying her Russian comrades) by the Patriots, who are holding her baby daughter hostage. She's killed later by Solidus. Raiden kills Solidus, and obtains a list of the Patriot's members.
INTERMISSION: The Patriots use their new system to steadily gain total control of the world. They specifically gain control over the wars and conflicts around the world, and purposely create a global economy that depends on war to survive. Raiden then goes and rescues Olga's daughter, Sunny, but he is captured by the Patriots and experimented on, being turned into yet another cyborg ninja.
METAL GEAR SOLID 4 - GUNS OF THE PATRIOTS: Solid Snake has undergone rapid aging because of the way his clone body is he still has FOXDIE in his body. Therefore he's renamed "Old Snake." Old Snake is sent on a hit mission to kill Ocelot, who has now been totally possessed by the ghost of Liquid Snake's hand. Therefore he's renamed "Liquid Ocelot." Old Snake meets with the remnants of the Patriots, and discovers their identity and history. He then finds out that Liquid Ocelot is trying to hunt them down so he can use their system of control to rule the world. To do this he needs the body of Big Boss, which the Patriots are hiding. Ocelot eventually succeeds, and gains control of the system. With the help of cyborg Raiden, Old Snake then destroys the system by using a computer virus to destroy the Artificial Intelligences that are running it. Old Snake and Liquid Ocelot have a final battle, in which Old Snake kills him. It's then revealed that Ocelot was NEVER actually being controlled by the ghost of Liquid Snake, Ocelot was simply pretending to do that to fool the AI's and everyone else, thus hiding his true motives. His true motives were to destroy the AI's and send the world into chaos, thus fulfilling his idea of what Big Boss' dream was. But the world doesn't descend into chaos, because the virus Old Snake used to stop the AI's was designed to keep vital systems up and running to preserve the world order. Snake meets Big Boss (who has somehow come back to life), and after Big Boss kills the last remaining Patriot and himself, the world is finally free from the control and the legacy of the Patriots. Old Snake goes to quietly live out the rest of his days.


Aug 31, 2015
Let's do this As Fast As possible, i know you want to play the phantom pain already, anyway here we GO!
THIS STORY IS FOCUSED ON JACK(naked snake or Big boss) AND Solid snake, the protagonits of the franchise.

There is a Female Soldier called ''the boss'', she has everything a soldier needs, power and charisma, let's say she's the perfect soldier. the boss met a soldier called Jack, she tranined him, made of him an incredible soldier kinda like her. They got so attach that they created a special bond(it's different than love so i don't thing the did it), unfortunately they got separated. snake didn't want that but it happened.
Quite sime time has happened

Metal gear Solid 3 Snake Eater (1963 to 1964)

note: From now on he is jack no more, he uses a code name, it's code name is Naked Snake or just snake.
Status: Snake is working for an organization called FOX.
The comandant or boss of the organization ''FOX'' is cipher(cigarette).
snake is send in a mission called snake eater by comandant cipher(cigarette). in that missions, snake meet the boss. unfortunately at some point it was revealed that snake's mission was to kill the boss, because the boss was consider a traitor. snake killed the boss. Ironically the boss was never a traitor, it was all a lie, snake knew it but they still fought til one survived.

consecuence of this:
- Snake gets the title Big Boss because of the victory he had over ''the boss''
- Snake abandon FOX and focus to make ''the boss''s dream a reality, her ambition! or at least what he considers to be the boss's dream.
The thing is that snake wasn't the only one who wanted to create what it was the boss's dream, commandant cipher wanted that too!
Snake nor cipher didn't really know exactly about what was her true ambition, it was only reveal later in the last game chronologicaly ''Metal gear solid 4''. if you are curious about what it is ''unify the world, pretty much.''

Metal gear solid Peace Walker (1974)
Let's change again, know from snake now he becomes the legendary ''Big Boss''!
after snake eater mission, quite some time has passed. Big boss its in costa rica, he meets a teenage sudent called paz and her teacher called sadornov, they both asked snake to help them bring peace to this country.
This Operation was called ''Peace Walker''
Big boss decide to help only to later be revealed that they both were being working under cipher's command!!!. they were about to rob an important weapon Big boss had in his base! (those B*tchs!)
Big boss was able to kill them both.

knowing that cipher would become a threat to Big boss's(the boss) ambition now Big boss needs to kill him and cipher the same ambition, since he needs to fullfill his version of the boss's ambition.

-Metal Gear Solid V Ground zeroes.(1975-1984)
after peace walker paz managed to survived somehow
Big Boss knew she needed to either kill her nor keep her under his control, she has a lot of important information about Big boss and his base already that could leak out in the world.
The mission was a success! paz was saved!, Big Boss was super happy and gay(happy), to find out that someone set her up! a trap! she had a Bomb implanted in her!! that exploded close enough to hurt big boss, while big boss was happily using the middle ''finger'' pointing at the sky screaming ''take that cipher, i got paz!'. the onw who did it wasn't cipher this time, its brand new character/enemy(?), it's called ''Skullface'',hey ''reader'' look up cipher on google images, he looks handsome doesn't he?
- when big boss was absent looking for paz, cipher attack Big boss's Base! destroy it completely!.
- After the bomb exploded it's unknonw what happened to big boss.
if you want to know what really happened that's the phantom pain material that will me shown below

STAR SPOILERS'' he was induced in a coma for 9 fu**ng years!! ''END OF SPOILERS
Extra important Information to keep in mind:
At some point after big boss left the organization FOX, cipher knowing how important big boss was to him and his dreams, he somehow managed to create 3 clones of big boss. he kept big boss on his side without being big boss if you think about it.
you are going to know more about them in the phantom pain.

NOW this is After The phantom pain incident

First you need to now a little more about the 3 clones
-Solid snake, this is a clone of big boss that manage to get all the good genes of his father.
he looks ALOT to his father, not, identical, but its his son after all.

-Metal gear - Operation Outher Heaven. (1995-1997)
-Solid snake had to infiltrate to a place called outer heaven create by big boss, his mission was to kill him. consecuences: snake defeat big boss and stop him from using metal gear.

Metal gear 2 Solid snake(1999-2003)

Solid snake is send to zanzibar to rescue dr kio marv, a person that was kidnaped because of his special knowledge on artificial oil, during the process he stops a metal gear as well.
big boss survived outer heaven, so they had one last fight where solid snake finally put an end to big boss's life. Before that, big boss reveal he is his son.

-Metal gear Solid shadow Moses (2005)
In this incident there are two key characters, Dra Naomi and liquid snake, no big boss this time.

liquid snake: This clone got all the not-so-good genes of his father. his mission was to kill big boss, but since big boss was killed by snake, he decided to kill the killer of big boss. that means His brother Solid Snake!

Dra naomi its a new character who swear vengeance on solid snake because he killed his brother during outer heaven incident, she inplant a virus on solid snake called FOXDIE, this virus kills especific people when the infected gets close to them via DNA..

When fighting liquid ,snake barely manage to kill him, only saved after by FOXDIE, liquid has the same DNA as Snake so it affected him and killed him, It unknown why It didn't kill solid snake.

Metal gear Solid 2 (2007-2009)
Finally we need to talk about the 3rd and last clone of the legendary Big boss.
-Solidus Snake
this clone was known to be the perfect one the. look identical to big boss, he was even used to portray the role of big boss.
-Raiden its a child who was adopted by solidus whose past is unknown. He had some kind of amnesia that was induce by a trauma forgetting everything about who he was.
Solid snake found some information about a metal gear that was being created by an organization that later acuse snake of stealing it.
Raiden was sent in the place snake was because he needs to rescue some hostages that are held in, he manage to save them with the help of a soldier that you ''reader'' know very well by know. It's a one of big boss's sons, his name is Spliskin!.
the thing is, someone was using Solid snake's name as the leader of this organization, is called ''sons of the patriots''. snake he decided to change things up a bit, and add a codename while things clean up a little.the codename was Plislink
They both discover the one who was using solid snake's name was none other than his brother ,the 3rd brother!, solidus snake!. so there was only one thing they could do, go and defeat solidus,
raiden was the one who killed him anyway. during that dight he discover about his past(yep about him being his father too)

Metal gear solid 4 (2014)

This one is focused on solid snake well in this case let's change his to something that fit him better ''old snake''
From being young and strong man, in this entry he endeds up being old and tired. Unfortunately the clones were created with shorter life that we humans have.
So you have a ''old snake'' with a lethal virus(Foxdie) that could killed him any second and a short period of life.
What a life eh?
During this entry old snake had an encaunter with a soldier called ocelot who was using drugs, nanotech and hypnosis to implant Liquids personality into himself he actually fooled old snake he as liquid.old snake killed him though.
there is also a character you know well it's back.
Big boss survived thanks to the 3rd clone!!!
since solidus was a perfect clone, with the right technology you could use his body to transfer big boss into his .
big boss decided to ended everything and have a final encaunter with his son even knowing if he gets close to snake he will die (remember FOXDIE?). decide to do it anyways to have a final chat with him.
Big Boss tells Old Snake about everything that happened ( snake eater-phantom pain) what really was "the boss'' (his too) ambition that he and cipher tried to create. He said that they both were wrong about it and that soon everything will end since all of the members and friends of big boss are already dead or very close to, cipher was still alive but it was in a seriously bad condition thanks to the age, whose life was ended up by big boss anyway.

From there Old Snake takes Big Boss's final advice, to live the rest of his live doing something for himself.



Aug 31, 2015
Hideo Kojima saw Escape from New York and loved Kurt Russel's tight pants so much that the character by proxy would infiltrate and infest our consoles for the next 30 years. Of course there was more than that: Cigarettes kill you, but are ultimately helpful. Cardboard boxes would be pissed on by dogs and subsequently loved by them for years. Bosses became more flamboyant and cartoony as the series evolved. Ladies loved to scream about the Snake. A murder of crows completely consumed a large angry man. Snake loves him some ladies. Old Snake has a prolonged and very frustrating battle with an even older sniper in the jungle. That same geriatric sniper is so goddamn fast at getting around the jungle that Old Snake in his prime is subject to a cane beating. GAY VAMPIRES? Okay then, carry on. New clone Snake ages rapidly but is still the same badass he was ten years ago. Metal Gear itself always explodes. And I think a ninja was in there somewhere. Somewhere in Old Snake's timeline Keipher Sutherland highjacked Snake's voice box. Konami, tired of the love shed upon it's company by oldschool gamers, chases off Hideo Kojima. Apparently someone high up in Konami's ranks saw Escape from New York and did not enjoy Kurt Russel's tight pants.


Aug 31, 2015
The MGS series is like an impotent man from a dysfunctional family who is being used by a woman with one helluva messed up ideology. He works hard in trying to get her like throwing some money at her and giving her joy rides. Like any relationship, things seems to go smoothly at first and friendships are made along the way but then things get all dramatic and crazy. Trust gets broken and no one seems to know who they can trust. But at last, the man gets to bed the woman or so he thinks. Once the lights go off and things get freaky, he thinks he won her over. Next day, he wakes up and learn really quickly that he just got used. And oh man does it pain him! But some time down the road, he gets his revenge. But before he gets revenge, the man is almost side tracked by those sneaky one-item traps, cardboard boxes, booty-bouncing in slowmo, cleavage and more cleavage, ninjas, sexual harassment both receiving and giving, some BDSM here and there, dead people, cave demons, jail-bait, and free education on nuclear proliferation and war all set to awesome soundtracks. Usually, at the end, you get into a fight with one of your dysfunctional relatives and afterward, the situation might turn awkward.


Jun 18, 2014
Here's what's going on: the story is about Erect Serpent,famous adult movie star of the '70.
In the first game you must fight your nemesis and brother Flaccid Serpent. For some reason Flaccid Serpent has a big grudge with Erect Serpent,it is something about being the inferior one,being made with inferior genes and also something about his relationship with women,can't remember. During the game you fight different animals like mantis,ravens and wolves and in the end there is a big fight with the Megazord.
The second game is a soap opera between the Tokyo Hotel lead singer and his girlfriend.
In the third game you play as Erect Serpent's father during a psychadelic acid trip in the '60. It is a bad trip however,he keeps having allucinations about climbing a ladder and hearing music.
In the fourth game we see old and not-so-Erect-anymore Serpent fighting in wars around the world. Why is he there? Who started the wars?How does it end?Who killed Laura Palmer? One anwer: NANOMACHINES.


May 19, 2015
AFAIK the game is about a guy named snake and you start off as a little snake and then you have to catch these little squares and with each one you catch you become a bigger and older snake and the point is to catch as many snakes as possible. Apparently some sequels are about stealth and have convoluted stories but I haven't played those.
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