Tom's Hardware Holiday Gift Guide 2013

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more like "Honey I bought all this stuff, and the store says all these girls came with the stuff free of charge. can we keep them please :D"


Dec 6, 2013
Personally, I'm glad they've ditched the cheesy "pervy boys" direction of the models this year.
Want to look at beautiful women? Go for it. No need to sexualise every random thing though.


Apr 11, 2011
Neils, Do you include a fire extinguisher with the Tesla? It's not just an electric car it is a friggin fire hazard, and a joke as a product. Yeah, build a vehicle that has more detrimental impact on the environment than any internal combustion vehicle and sell it as "Green." The rare earths and heavy metals used to make the battery, not to mention the 7 year life of the battery (after which you have to spend another $30K-$50K to replace it), along with the coal fired electric needed to recharge makes electric vehicles anywhere from 4X to 10X dirtier than the dirtiest diesel.

I guess, if you can afford it, you can conspicuously consume a symbol of environmentalism that costs more than the middle class home. Just like Al Gore jetting all around the world while asking that others relegate themselves to bicycles.
No models this year? Just sad. Tom's may have appealed to a minority of the people on their high horses with their morals and what not who complain about the objectification of females (yet continue to look at the photos as they complain) on Tom's after they put down their swimsuit edition of SI and just finished "reading" their Maxim or other special publication that shows up in the mailbox in a discrete envelope, but fewer people will look at the list of items this year and fewer will return to look at the 2013 gift guide.

Sex sells. This is a known fact. You do these products and their sales numbers a disservice by leaving the Tom's models out.

Nothing will beat the 2012 gift guide if hunks of plastic and metal are all we have to look at for 2013. This is truly a sad day. Tom's I plead with you to add the models back to the gift guide.

That's what I'm talking about!

It's a solid marketing tactic. You appeal to basal instincts to grab and maintain an attention level. People are sexual by nature and there's nothing wrong with it.


Apr 2, 2013
Nice ad placement. Had me completely fooled....

Gyro Phantom Helicopter: $24.99

And I thought - "Hey, I need to look at this gift guide for more ideas for the kids." Haha - joke is on me. The $24.99 Gyro Helicopter at Kohls is not quite the Black Sheep Discovery Quad Copter for $3000.

Nice toys, but not a very practical gift guide IMO. I would think you guys could come up with more practical ideas that fit into more practical budgets - like Crash's - that was perfect.

Also, timing BEFORE Black Friday would be nice!


Let's see what we should need:
1) Good Looking Gal(s) to keep interest (simple thought I know, but expected on these each year)
2) Technology that most can afford
3) Computer parts that are <$500



but that's basically every other article on Tom's, for the entire year

not to be sexist or pervy either, but it's rather something I've just gotten used to... it's like boothbabes at tech shows, it doesn't feel the same without them



If it works every other day, why shake it up?

And I'm one of the weird men that think booth babes are also completely unnecessary. If your product is good, it will stand on its own and doesn't need the flesh flash to sell it. If you're going to have attractive women dress up as your game characters, fine, but please make sure they have a clue about what they're advertising ( no more GoW models holding the lancer by the chainsaw bayonet. )
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