Tom's Hardware Readers' Choice 2014: Storage

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Whether you're looking for a safe way to store and share your family photos, or high-speed access for critical data, or just something in between, your storage device is an important choice. As SSD technologies continue to improve and prices continue to drop, there are more and more options entering the market every day. We here at Tom's have not given any awards to storage devices, but we want to know if there are any you feel are worthy of one!

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Funny... Not a one WD drive on the list. They still make the best consumer HDDs (specifically black edition), but it's increasingly obvious they need to learn how to compete in the SSD space moving forward.

As the price of SSDs continues drop and I'm storing more vital data in the cloud, I'll rely less and less on mechanical HDDs. I imagine in 5 years there won't be a mechanical drive in my system and my external drives will be replaced entirely by a cloud-based solution. I'll use thumb drives for portable data solutions.

WD is a quality company that produces great products. I hope they have a plan for the future. Right now I'm using their drives for data storage, but like I said, that won't be for too much longer.


Sep 5, 2010
I will say the Micron M600 would be best for performance and gb/$ value at only $99 for a 128GB drive which is even better than the Samsung 850 Pro though the Samsung 850 Pro 128GB is on sell for $100 atm it will go up again to $169.99 according to the prices on newegg while the Micron M600 is faster too mainly b/c of the fast SLC in it compared to a full MLC layout in the Samsung 850 Pro
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