Announcement Tom's Hardware Show - October 14 - AMD Radeon RX 6600


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Apr 1, 2019
Hi all,

On the Tom's Hardware Show this week, Jarred is going to be joining me to discuss the AMD Radeon RX 6600. This is an RDNA2 card targeting 1080p and launching with a starting MSRP of $329.

The show kicks off live at 3PM Eastern on October 14, 2021. As always, we're live via Facebook, Twitch, and Youtube channels:

If you can't catch the live show, the replay will be available immediately after recording, with the audio available via your favorite podcast app shortly after.

We hope to see you there!
Thanks for the heads-up ! This card has a decent 1080p performance, but has a very BAD price/perf ratio. I WAS actually interested in buying some mid-range/mainstream AMD or NVIDIA GPU for my casual gaming needs, but we all know how bad the current GPU market is. Supply/demand, and MSRP issues among other factors.

Anyway, would love to hear what Jarred thinks about the $329 MSRP of this card. Expecting to get this card at this price seems to be a pipe dream for me! Cheers.