Question Too frequent BSODs on windows and crashes on linux

Farhan Fazal

Oct 26, 2013
Hi all.
I have an Asus FX570UD laptop running windows 10, Ubuntu 18 and Ubuntu 20.
Everything used to work fine until one day I had a BSOD with a stop code CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED. And since then, I almost have it daily.

My windows suddenly lags a lot and soon a BSOD. Same is the case with Linux Distros like Ubuntu and Debian. All versions of Ubuntu throws up a notification saying System Program Problem Detected. Do you want to report the problem now?

Also, when the system boots up after a BSOD, no HDD is detected in BIOS, but when I completely turn off the system and try turning it on after some 10-20 mins. It works.

Other Info:
BIOS is the latest version.
Windows 10 in on the 2004 version.

Stuffs I tried:
  1. Tried restarting doesn't work.
  2. Tried rolling back Windows Updates, doesn't work.
  3. Tried reinstalling most drivers, doesn't work.
  4. Tried uninstalling all software, still doesn't work.
  5. Tried with a fresh install of Windows, doesn't work.
  6. Booted in safe mode, I still get BSODs after a few minutes of work, so safe mode doesn't work.
  7. Tried with different OSs to check if I face similar problem, unfortunately, I do. That's how I ended up with Ubuntu 18 and 20. So, changing OSs doesn't work.
Stuff that did actually work:
To my surprise, using the live CD of Ubuntu or Linux mint or any other Linux distro don't throw up such errors and work flawlessly.

From all the observation that I have made. I suspect that something must be wrong with my HDD. But I have seen people also getting similar errors with RAM defects.

I need some one to help me out with identifying the root issue. I am comfortable with working with electronics and I will be able to repair most hardware myself, facing difficulty in identifying the issue.

Thanks in advance.