Question Too much bottleneck?

May 31, 2020
So i was thinking to buy i5-3470 and keep my gtx 1050 bc im broke and i know they have 19% bottleneck is it very bad? Reason why im upgrading cpu is because mw i have now i3-3220 and mw is running on 45fps and a lot of fps drops if i put the fps lock to 30 it is completely unplayable i dont know why it just every second it drop like 2 times to 1-5fps if i put the fps lock to 60fps game crashes nothing new cpu can handle it
Ok firstly you cannot put a % on a bottleneck, stop using those bottleneck calculators they are misleading garbage. Your cpu and gpu combination are a good pairing, however any quad core/thread cpu will struggle in COD MW as it’s a very cpu thread demanding game. It can use 12 threads of my 3700x. Unfortunately I doubt a 3470 is enough of an upgrade, you really want at least 8 threads to run that game smoothly. Also your RAM, do you have 2x8gb? That game will stutter on anything under dual channel 16GB.
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