Too much memory being used?


Feb 5, 2007
Hi, let me give you my system and then ask my question.

EVGA 680i
OCZ Platinum memory 2GB

Question is this. My machine appears to be using too much of my memory. I am running at about 30% of memory usage with just Vista running. Also when I run a single game like vanguard it hovers between 75% and 90%.

I don't remember it doing this before but I could be wrong about that and may have not noticed.

Thanks for any insight you can give. Cheers!


First, from what I've read and I realize that may not be totally acurate, Vista is a memory hog. Its for that reason that some people are using 4 gig of ram instead of 2 gig like they used in XP. I haven't seen any benches on this, so its mainly hearsay at this point. For myself, I plan to use 4 gig when I finally make the transition to Vista.

A second problem you may have is not having enough memory in the pagefile, or virtual memory, from the hard disc. This is rarely used in XP when you have 2 gig of memory installed, but since Vista hogs the memory to start with, a large pagefile (virtual) memory may be necessary.

Last, use the task manager to figure out how many programs you have running and how much memory that are using. Some programs use large amounts of memory but aren't always needed, like printers and anti-virus programs, for instance. If you aren't using a program, shut it down and gain memory for programs that you want to use.


Remember also that there's no point in having Win leave ANY memory unused. If no other program needs it, it's better used as e.g. a disk cache rather than just sitting there doing nothing. When another app needs some of that memory, the cache (or whatever) can be quickly slimmed down and the memory turned over to the app.


Feb 2, 2006
With idling Vista it's about right, mine does 15%-20% and 20%-25% with Speech recognition. But I don't know about that game though, sounds way too much use for your 2Gb.


Windows creates and manages a cache automatically. My point was just that "currently free" memory can often be used by the OS to improve performance, so it's not necessarily a bad thing to have "low" free memory levels.


Mar 28, 2006
I would kind of disagree with that statement that used memory is a good thing... When a program needs to be loaded its going to be loaded usualy from the HD, well if your ram is full then windows is going to hit the page file to free up that ram... also using the HD. Since the HD is the slowest system in the whole memory chain I would rather have it doing the least amount possible.

Not saying your wronge just throwing in my 2 cents lol

Also Vista is a memory hog but it can be tuned down to near XP levels. Getting rid of Aero and the side show go miles in that direction...

Edit: While on the subject of Aero.... Why does the OS need to look pretty ? (Not that it should look ugly but does it need to glow ???) I always thought the OS was there to help you run programs... The search in Vista goes miles to help in that way ! but almost nothing else helps at all... It seems to go out of its way to hinder your every move :( Vista killed my inner child !!! lol


JD, you're right of course -- you want some free memory so as not to slow things down too much when more memory is requested, but OTOH a disk cache can speed up disk reads/writes dramatically, so the OS has to balance the various demands.