Too much ram usage by svchost.exe(netsvcs)


May 31, 2015
Hey Guys,

I have a program sv.chost.exe (netsvcs) that is using like 1.5GB memory and sometimes 2GB. But it only stays for 5mins or sometimes up to 15mins. Than it gets back down to 30MB memory usage.

Few said its about the windows update, when it goes on that its using too much but normally it wasnt using too much like that. When i closed automatically update it went to 30MB usage but sometimes like i say it still gets up to 1.5-2GB memory usage.

I searched on the forums and they said its a virus so i tried there programs:

I used combofix as virusscanner: Nothing found
Anti-Malware: Nothing found..

Help me please.
svchost is a service that hosts other programs to run on your computer under Windows. To see what app or program it is running, just hover over it with your mouse in the task manager. It is not unusual for many instances of svchost to be running at once, depending on how many background programs are running on your system. I see as many as 8 or 10 running on mine PC on a regular basis. Of course, memory usage can go up and down depending on the background service's that are running. You can see what services are running and shut them down if you want, either instantly by manual force close or selective startup, but unless its something you specifically don't want running, all is actually perfectly normal. Windows does a very good job of memory management and you don't have to worry about it.


May 25, 2016
I realised this issue when svchost.exe was taking approximately 2gb of my RAM.

I turned followed the services svchost.exe was supporting, and stopped the windows update service and this has solved the problem for me, is it now taking 30mb

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