Tools / Ideas for managing Files on a Media PC


Mar 13, 2010
Hi All

I have a windows 7 Home Edition mini-pc acting as a media centre (plugged into my TV). I have a 3TB HDD plugged into this machine as file storage and the world is good.

However, I am looking for a method to manage / organise my files on the media pc without switching my TV video input.

I've been using the windows network shared folder to move my files around, however I've noticed that this is horrifically slow (I can only assume this is because when I move a file/folder then the file(s) are being moved to my laptop (over the network) then being written back to the media pc (over the network). If I try to move the files locally then the transfer speed is fine.

Does anyone know what the issue might be? Or know of any tools I can use to manage my files over a local network (no external access is required)??

Thanks in advance


By network shared folder, do you mean one that you set up and mapped on your machines yourself, or the the Windows homegroup?

If homegroup turn it off and use just a single workgroup to share a mapped network drive, as homegroups with wireless on the network caps at 1MB/s transfer rates at best (often way slower) due to some bug that AFAIK MS has not yet fixed for some reason.

Also, if your wireless adapters are all N capable, insure that your router is set to N only, WPA2 with AES encryption to maximize your wireless speed.