Top end PC with low results for HD Streaming and in-game FPS/ms


May 18, 2012
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^In case you want to see what other people have already posted.

I understand that this is a very long first post. I have tried my best to articulate exactly what I have done thus far without a fix. I have described in extreme detail so you, the reader, are not guessing on any variables that drive the end results. I am more than willing to skype or instant message if you would like to try a few things with me rather than explaining it in a forum post. If you think that it would be easier done that way, send a short e-mail explaining how you intend on helping me, to this address:

My Hardware

Case: Antec 900
CPU: Intel i7 2700k 3.5Ghz
GPU: Nvidia 580 GTX Evga
Memory: 16gb G.Skill 1600
Power Supply: 850 watt SeaSonic
Mother board: ASUS SABERTOOTH Z77 LGA 1155 Intel Z77 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0
SSD: OCZ Vertex 3 120gb
HDD: Western Digital 1 TB 7200 RPM *Data Drive
*NIC: Intel EXPI9301CT Desktop Adapter Gigabit CT 10/ 100/ 1000Mbps PCI-Express

*NIC – My mother board has a NIC integrated. I have tested with the integrated NIC and my stand alone NIC. Difference is about 5-7 fps and 2-3 ms better when I use my stand alone NIC. The benchmarks below are using the NIC. When I benchmark using the integrated NIC my fps and ms were constantly down 5-7 fps and 2-3 ms. So, I did test both.

*Power Supply: I have yet to see the power supply fan turn on and spin. I am assuming that since it is so big and I am not over clocking anything in my PC right now that it might not generate enough usage for the fan to initialize. *Seasonic says: Disclaimer- This power supply is working correctly if it does not spin on OS start-up. I am constantly feeling it during intense work on the PC and it is cool in temperature. Just another piece of the puzzle I thought you should know just in case this is an issue.

Speed Test Information: *From Rochester, MN to San Jose, CA (That is where League of Legends Servers are correct?

Question ???: Where are the server locations for xsplit's locations on that drop down menu?

My end goal is to stream in 720p or 1080p with minimum ping lag and FPS lag in game and for the stream. In-game fps target over 80 fps while streaming in HD 720p or 1080p with an ms of no more than 80. While the stream is smooth and great quality for my viewers.

I am willing to over clock a little bit with my CPU and/or GPU but to my hardware/software knowledge I did not think I needed to in order to attain my 'end goal' listed above. But if I do I am willing to try. I will just need some pointers and information to do over clocking properly.

*These tests are all done with ONLY League of Legends running and no other programs/browsers open. From the processes stand point it only shows League of Legends.exe and League of Legends.Client

After I completed the set up and installed all of the new drivers, installed the game, and went into my first custom game without streaming I was around 330 fps and 80 ms for the first 2-3 minutes into the game, while I was last hitting minions mid lane. But, ever since that first game that I wanted to acquire my benchmark of FPS at full settings in-game graphic wise it bounces between 77 fps and 127 fps. It will bounce from those 2 exact number every 3.2 seconds, I used a stop watch. 80 ms is a constant number give with a small range of 77ms to 83 ms for lows and highs.

This is what my 'Performance' tab via Windows is showing while in-game. Click here. <---- ***Will be added in 6 hours from the post.

My benchmark tests while streaming dropped the fps, as it should, down between 62 and 72. The xsplit settings are:

I have read a lot of forums and have tried many things such as;

Easy trys:
Uninstall/reinstall- League of Legends, League of Legends Repair, Adobe Air, Adobe
Flash, Direct x 11, and all Windows Updates.

Going to the manufacturers websites updating the latest drivers, some were beta
release dates, then testing it. After seeing fps and ms not change, then I tried rolling
the drivers back one or to last working driver and yet still same results.

Going into the power options on Windows: Start > Control Panel > Power Options and
changing it from 'Balanced' to 'High Performance'. I will/kept this setting forever.

Going into Nvidia control panel went to "manage 3d settings" then "program settings" tab.
Found the League of Legends in the program drop down menu and made sure that the
'Power management mode' was set to "Prefer Maximum Performance"

Reminder: I am willing to anything within reason. After so many forums of information of potential fixes, the power settings on CPU, Power Supply, and/or Graphics Card (GPU) seems to be my issue.

Please if you have any information/possible fixes like I said already I am willing to try and work with anyone to fix this issue. Thank you so much in advance and I appreciate it greatly that you took the time to read this detailed problem that I would like to resolve.

I agree.

Also, is reliable, but it's a bit iffy in my opinion. My current ISP's plan is 10Mbps download, and 1Mbps upload, yet shows 29-35 Mbps download, and 2Mbps upload...In real world usage, any download would usually cap out at around 800KBps-1MBps, right where it should be. Uploads also show the same results, I only get a miserable 100 KBps uploading videos or files to YouTube or Mediafire.

Anyway, enough 'bashing' on speedtest :lol: I think it's not anything hardware related, it's mostly internet as muffin stated.

I can't stream HD video with my internet due to my upload speeds, so I'm guessing you're running into the same issue.


May 18, 2012
What do you suggest hardware changing? I researched all of my hardware components and I thought that the hardware that is in my box is almost top of the line all around? Also, the internet connection could be the issue, I agree. What is the baseline for a download/upload rates and how can I test since you say speedtest is not the best for of testing the down/up speeds?

I think the best thing to do would be calling your ISP and asking what your Download/Upload plan is like I did. Also, I think your ISP's website should have a upload/download test of their own.

As for what speeds would be good for your usage, I'm not too sure unfortunately.