News Tor Browser v8.5 Brings UX Improvements, Stable Android Version

I will warn anyone that is in the USA, even looking up TOR or Tails, will put you on a list by US security agencies to be looked at closer. TOR is also not fail proof. If a server of a website you visit is compromised (applies javascript exploits), or too many nodes taken over by a security agency, then you are at risk for being uncovered. They can also do pattern matching and elimination even though the traffic is encrypted and packet sizes altered. There are other methods of fingerprinting as well.

In other words, don't do something stupid, thinking you are protected behind encrypted traffic.

TOR is best used by dissidents in countries where they feel their free speech or being repressed, or someone who feels that information they share is too private. (ie: Rape victims, reporters & sources whom fear reprisal.)
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