Question Torn between the RX 590 Black and the 1660 Super! Please help!

Feb 29, 2020
Hey everyone, I have an older system running a 650w coolermaster PSU, 2x8 GIGs of DDR3 Ram and my CPU is an AMD FX-8350 AM3. I cannot afford since broke,unemployed and in debt to build a new system but I want to game better, the best possible settings at 1080p. Now, I am debating between the RX 590 and the 1660 Super Cards, I know the 1660 has faster DDR6 ram but only 6 gigs vs the slower DDR5 ram (but 8 gigs) on the XFX 590 Rx Black.

What would you guys recommend for this FX-8350 machine for better gaming performance? Yes I also know that the RX 590 is slightly older and requires more power.

Please help, I like adventure/FPS/Racing type games.

Thank you for all of your help!
The 1660 Super Is anywhere from 5-15% faster depending on the game. If you have the budget I would get the 1660 Super. Another option would be the 1650 Super which will similar in performance to the 590 alittle faster in some games a little slower in others. The biggest selling point for Nvidia over AMD cards right now is the drivers, AMD GPU drivers have been somewhat of a disaster and slow to be fixed.

Now it's you money and feel free to do with it as you please, but if you are in debt with no income currently you may just want to skip this purchase all together.
Jan 10, 2020
If you don't mind buying used a rx480 would do the trick just fine for 1080p gaming. AMD drivers are a buggy mess right now tho so keep that in mind. If you want to buy new i'd recomend the rx580 over the rx590 because it's essentialy the same card. On the green side a 1060 would do you fine if buying used or the 1660 super if you really need to have a new card. Hope this helps.