Question Torrent directly to Router + NAS External Drive

Dylan Beckett

Jul 12, 2021

I bought an Asus Router for my foks a few years ago that can use ‘download master’ built in software to download torrents directly to an external hdd plugged into the router (with the computer off)….

Which sounds handy so it can download 24/7 without the PC being on (which I don’t want).

Now I’m looking to do something similar…. In one of two ways?

NOTE – I don’t own a proper NAS and not about to set one up just now ok. This is my plan.

I have a new 12th gen build I’m about to whack together finally… and the mobo has wireless built in – Z690 Gigabyte Aorus Pro DDR4

I know it’s probably not possible… but I was wondering if there is any way that I can do a similar thing using the built in Wireless Router “without’ the pc being on and with external drive?

Failing this…. If I had to buy a regular Wifi Router (the one I got for my folks was ASUS RT-AC68U) either new or secondhand (old cheap one?)….

Are there any you recommend that will do this Standalone Torrenting without the PC being on?

I prefer to use uTorrent – but as long as it works – I’m ok with using something else if that isn’t supported?

BTW it doesn’t have to be the latest WIFI, AC is fine.

Thanks for your help
If the storage shows up as a network folder, you can map it to a drive letter. Then you can use it like any other partition. See the image: