Toshiba A200-1MA shut down problem


Jul 13, 2011
model no. PSAE7E-00J00CG3 my laptop was overheating heavily and I decided to clean the cooler and the parts around it. I disassembled the laptop to the point where I can take the cooler off, cleaned it and then I put everything back. The problem is now it won’t work.

It starts normally, passes into loading windows (I’ve got Windows 7 sp1) and then after 10 seconds or so he just shuts down. I tried to go to bios but it does the same thing after 10 seconds. First time it showed BSOD with no explanation. Just that some part stopped working and that it needs to shut down, but I can’t figure out what. CPU should be fine, it can’t overheat in 10 seconds so it’s not cooler either, begins the Windows loading so RAM and HDD can also be excluded.

I cant boot anything. its not about the boot really or electrical damage. laptop works perfectly fine for aprox. 30-100 seconds (more than a few hours earlier when he worked 10-25 secs (?)) he starts booting, confirms that hes startup did not work properly last time. he than attempts startup repair, loads files, background changes and than you have win7 background and attempting repairs continuing to work, like he should do. and than he just turns himself off with that sound that you can hear when your toshiba a200 overheats and turns himself off.

its really weird that if i let every single wire, that i had to unplugg to get to the cpu, unplugged - the result is the same. and only thing i really touched is cpu cooler and i cant really know how could i mess something there when i have startup repair working before he shuts down. that would mean that cpu is working right?
so i think the problem here is rather trivial. is it possible that sensors send fake temperature data so he THINKS that he is overheating?

i am not professional but that laptop is 4,5 years old, has no warranty and nearest official service is 300km away from me so i cant really go there to clean the cooler...

ok thats the problem - heres what i think:

i am pretty sure i can narrow it down to overheating because he shuts himself down with the sound very familiar to me cause that laptop overheats alot and shuts himself down if overloaded, with that same sound. i applied new thermal grease offcourse, but only on core that is visible, not on one beneath the mbo, i did not touch that one. basically i just wanted to clean the cooling system.

if it is overheating, how can he overheat now when he has new thermal grease and a clean cooling system? the problem started when i disassembled it so it must be connected to me touching it in the first place, i know that, but how can he overheat with clean cooling system and new grease?

p.s. if anyone has or knows how to get service manual for this model, it would really help. the amount of support you get for this model is ridiculous.
or can you at least tell me where to begin? What to check?

p.s.s. if its wrong subforum i am sorry :)


Aug 14, 2010
If you removed the cooler from the CPU, you NEED to reapply thermalpaste. That is likely your problem. Go to Radio Shack, get some Arctic Silver (NOT the ceremique stuff) thermalpaste and apply it to the CPU. Only apply thermalpaste AFTER cleaning the old gunk of of the CPU and heatsink though. Try that and let us know what happens.


Nov 20, 2008

Strongly agree with Puttsy. Do not power up your laptop again. The only thing keeping you from having a fried CPU is the CPU's internal temp limiting system and that may not keep reacting fast enough to keep save your CPU from damage.

Artic silver has a great rep. They also make a cleaner to get rid of whats left of the old pad. (guessing the manufacturer used a thermal pad. you cannot reuse the existing pad). You can get it from newegg if you rlocal store doesn't carry it. Aside: the most common problem is using too much, not too little.

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