Question Toshiba compatible batteries?

Apr 26, 2021
I inherited a Toshiba E305-s1995 laptop in excellent condition--except the battery, predictably, doesn't hold much of a charge; so I went to look for a replacement battery on eBay or Amazon, and was stunned to find that they're not available! (In the past I've always been able to find numerous replacement batteries for any laptop I tried.)

The battery is model PA3921U-BRS, a.k.a. PABAS247. This is a battery pack that slides in on the back of the laptop. I looked on sites that sell replacement batteries and there are hundreds of Toshiba battery models available, but this one is not available (except overseas and at high cost). With so many Toshiba batteries available, I'm wondering if some other model would be compatible with this laptop--surely many batteries are similar enough to be interchangeable. This laptop is silver, and it would be no big deal if I replaced the matching silver battery pack with a black model. Is there a place where compatible batteries are listed? If it fits and has similar voltage ratings, is it good enough, or might there be some other issue that makes this a risky move?


I would try Batteries Plus, Amazon, and Newegg to se if a generic replacement is available.

However, the Toshiba E305-s1995 is a 10 year old design (2011), so even generic replacements may no longer be being made