Question Toshiba L500-1qe laptop has black screen after waking from sleep mode ?


Sep 16, 2013
After wake up my laptop from sleep mode i got a black screen. I restart it but it is not even post. No logo, it is not get into BIOS , black screen ,no beeps. I swap the 2 ram modules and change them positions and then i used one only but nothing. I made all the usual "tricks" like take off battery and push on button for 60 sec. shift+f5+button.. i check the hdd to my pc and it recognise it so it is ok, i connect an external monitor to vga port and press fn+f5 but screen says no signal, I took off m/b to see for any blown capacitor,i m not know much about that but an blown or a "fat" capacitor is visible.. i also change thermal paste ,clean fan and i assembled again but with no success! The same symptoms.

The only thing i have not done is take off cmos battery to do a reset becuse it have that weird cmos battery rtc ml1200 which is fixed on motherboard so i didn't touch it at all .I want to figure out if it is motherboard, cpu or gpu (ati mobile hd 4550 dedicated) and replace only the part that is faulty and not all others... Any help would be helpfull... Read sooo many articles and see so many videos around internet but i could not find any solution. Some other details that may help... so...

no beep at all, no post, black screen, leds on, fan start to spin spin at the start , stops for a while and after a couple of minutes start spin moderate and steady, keyboard numlock led is not light when i press the key so i don't know if keyboard works or not, dvd drive is working and when i put in a cd it starts spinning and read it, usb ports are working too they have power.Also, when put hdd into laptop it is spinning too led is on but after a while stop lighting .

I hope all these details was helpful, any opinions or suggestion would be very helpful!!

Thank you!:giggle: