Question Toshiba laptop gets stuck on boot after keyboard replacement ?

May 1, 2021
Toshiba Laptop keeps getting stuck on boot. Recently we have replaced the keyboard, nothing else has changed and after the keyboard replacement the computer won't boot to Windows, unless in safe mode. ("Safe mode with Command prompt" or "Safe Mode with Networking" won't load)

We have fresh installed Windows & the problem still happens, even with the laptop freezing right after the installation of Windows where it is setting up.
We have also replaced the drive and still get the issue.

We have also unplugged the new keyboard & tested the machine without the keyboard using an external keyboard to find the same issue.
I have been using the laptop without the case re-assembled on an external monitor and it seemed to be working fine, until we put it all back together and now it won't go in again. Might have just been a coincidence.

edit: The BIOS is up to date!
Not sure how changing a keyboard would make the whole laptop play up even if we unplug the new keyboard ?

Please help!


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

Apart from stating that it's a Toshiba branded laptop, you've forgotten to mention the model of the laptop and the version of OS you're on at the time of writing. You sure that the keyboard replaced doesn't have a sticky key? Often times a shift key or a button on the keyboard can prevent the system from booting up.

Did you rule out that the storage device on which the OS is on might be faulty or failing?