Question toshiba laptop has charging issues

Feb 28, 2019
i have a toshiba satellite c850.. the battery was a problem but i always kept it on charge until i noticed that the charge indicator was flashing orange instead of being solid so i took it down to a reliable tech store and they tested the charger. The charger was completely dead and they replaced it with an original charger n confirmed all the specs are correct. A few days later i get a notification saying the battery is faulty and needs to be replaced immediately.I go down to the same store and they replace the battery with a new one. Soon everything is working fine until i see that charger is plugged in but no charging light. At this point im ready to throw in the towel but i decide to give the laptop some space for a few days.(3 days late ) i plug in charger and everything is back to normal then couple days later it stops a nutshell it charges when it wants to and i cant seem to figure out whats the problem