Question Toshiba Laptop shuts down after 30 minutes ?

Mar 27, 2021
Dear Geeks - I have a 30 shut down issue:

I have a i7 Toshiba Satellite Touch Screen S55t-B5273NR - it works great but shuts down after 30 minutes every time I use it ...
like dead off not a normal shutdown screen goes black instantly and all power is cut off.

Here's what I have tried:

  • It does not overheat I have run a temperature app it stays at around 40-53deg C.
  • I cleaned out the fans and vents - I did notice the fans turn off and on - they don't stay on all the time? Even on a chill pad it still shuts down.
  • I put new thermal paste on the CPU > no change.
  • I have done a memory test and swapped mem sticks and tried to isolate if one was bad > no difference.
  • I swapped out the power supply and the battery -(I have 2 of each) > no change.
  • I also replaced the hard drive with an SSD > no difference
  • The power plug receptacle in seems fine - plugs into MB. - 4 pin.
  • IF I keep it in BIOS [Toshiba bios utility 2.0] it still shuts down @ about 30 min.
I am out of ideas as to why it shuts down.
It does need a new cmos battery on the motherboard...maybe that is the problem - but doubt it.
Cheers Eric