Question Toshiba m.2 NVMe SSD not detected by Bios, stuck in the black screen, no boot


Mar 2, 2015
Hi All,

PC: HP core i5, 8gb ram 256 SSD. its BG3 NVMe M+B key SSD.
Current state: PC will not boot if the SSD is connected, stuck at black screen. PC works with different SSD or USB boot OS.
Not showing in windows, not in Bios (tried to plug in while PC is running).
Back ground: PC had blue screen thrice, 4th time restarted to windows diagnosis and repair.
It was stuck in that loop. Tried repair, reset, recovery nothing worked,
made a bootable win 10, tried to redo windows, when selected C, partition manager said, unable to use this partition it is PGT partion.
I did not want to clear C, as I am so stupid to leave some urgent file in C drive.
I found 15GB of recovery, manufacturer reserved, and some windows reserved, cleared everything and tried to install windows on that.
it said, " need at least 20GB to install windows"
restarted the PC, the SSD was not showing after that.
couple of restart no help.
Tried win key + B as suggested by some HP website, PC stuck in black screen.
It was not even booting, sometime shoe 502 (checksum) error.

Bought a new ssd, and its working.

So I conclude SSD is faulty. I think, SSD is faulty.

Any help to fix it, or at least recover data without much hustle. Did I delete the SSD firmware (driver)?
Or was it a failing SSD?

any hope of reading date from it, I am okie to leave the SSD in scrap. It will be a great help, if someone can suggest how to read data.

Funny fact, called HP on the 1st day when PC is having issue. They said, it is almost an year out of warranty, $400 plus component and service cost to fix it. or $49.99 plus tax for telephone support :(.
This is my 2nd HP laptop having hdd/ssd error in 2 years of service.