Toshiba Portable Hard Disk has become LOCAL DRIVE ...


Jun 2, 2012

I have a 500 GB Toshiba Portable Hard Disk
Model :593400-A

My OS:Windows XP professional.
I also use a laptop with Windows 7 on which I use the portable HD.

One day when my CD drive stopped working and I wanted to format and reinstall my system I searched the internet on how to make the portable hard disk a boot-able one.So I got to a post and did some things with the command prompt and then on the drive started appearing as local disk H: instead of Removable Drive in My computer.

Well,the HDD wasnt converted into a bootable one (Obviously I might have made some mistake in the command prompt) But that is not the problem.

I just want it to appear as Removable Disk as it used to.

Now I dont have any file in the disk and dont mind formatting it any way.

Windows Format didnt worked.Is there any other way around.Any tool or software.Whatever...

Help please...
Serious question: Will the PC boot if you power-on with this drive not attached? If not, it may have magically become your boot drive, so it can't be removed. If you power-up with the drive detached, and it boots, and then you attach the drive, is it still unremoveable?

Can you open Disk Manager and post a piccy, or describe, what it shows in the stripe-pictures on the bottom? It may thing that this is the Boot or System drive.