Question Toshiba Recovery Wizard showed up unprompted while booting up.

May 7, 2022
I shut down my laptop last night, and this morning when I opened it up, I thought that it was booting up as usual but when I came back I saw this warning on the screen. It's a window titled TOSHIBA Recovery Wizard. It says "Warning!" In big, red letters. Then it says "When the recovery is executed, all data will be deleted and rewritten unless "Recovery of Factory Default Software with user's data option" is selected in the next step. Please connect the AC adapter. Model Name: Satellite L775D. Software Number: TI106164W0D. DID: 13LT1". Then there's a Yes and a No button.
I did nothing to create this. My laptop has probably more than 10 years and has had issues with the video card and the overheating making it so the plug does not connect properly to the laptop and it runs out of battery in a minute and shuts down.
Will everything go back to normal if I click No? Thank you in advance.
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