Toshiba Satellite Boot/BIOS Problem, Looking for a Suggestion on Why


Feb 8, 2009
Hey Guys,
I got a call from a buddy and he told me that he is trying to work on a Toshiba Satellite Laptop. He tells me that when he trys to turn it on that he is getting a lot of beeps 20 or so. And that it says Video memory is Shadowed and System Bios is Shadowed. I told him to go into the BIOS and Tell me what he sees.

He says that when he starts up the Laptop the message appears and then it freezes. He says that when he thought it was a memory problem because he took a stick of memory out and it would do it, but when he had both in it would not. Although no matter what It would freeze when loading at around 540 Mb while loading. He also said that while one of the numbers would turn red for a second before it froze.

Any idea on where to start or what this is? I am thinking that it is either a memory problem or maybe the Bois chip/firmware is bad?

Help would be GREATLY appreciated.


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