Question Toshiba Satellite boots OK but black screen. Tried all that F8 stuff, changed drive and memory.

Sep 6, 2019
L50D Model. I can get it to boot with live screen if I remove (new) battery and remove recharge lead,
I then hold down the power button to disapate all current in the unit and reconnect charge lead or battery
and it fires up with a live screen..

I replaced the memory; checked charger output, the battery and the hard drive. I reset the laptop. I downloaded the BIOS update but it already had the latest one. Tried all that F8 and F5 stuff, that changes nothing. When I turn it on with everything connected the screen is black but the fan starts but not booting as it should do.

I checked the wiring to the screen, and tried a separate stand alone monitor. I have trawled the forums and tried everything.

When its running it works fine but when I switch it off we are at a black screen again with fan running etc.
Then I have to go through the routine of dissipating the stored current by removing everything again to get a proper boot and screen.
It is though whatever kick starts the screen process on booting is not always connecting?
Thank you.
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