Question Toshiba Satellite C55D-B5310 Wont start

Sep 24, 2019
Hello everybody,
I have a Toshiba Satellite C55D-B5310w
Serial Number: 9E106229P
Part Number: PSCN4U-00T019

Here are the details of the laptop
The problem is that im not 100% sure of which OS i have. LOL...

Im believe i have 8.1 because i remember using the charm display (quite annoying at least for me), also im not sure if i have 32bit or 64 bit.. I think its 64bit but idk.

I had this latptop for some years now, more than 5 for sure. I had it stored cause it had a boot loop and at the time i didnt have any money to buy an USB and make a recovery with it so i completely forgot about it.

Now making some order in my apartment i found it again and when i power it up it says Diagnosing your Pc and then Reparing disk errors, and something like: this may take over an hour to complete. I left it on went to sleep. 8 hours later it was still reparing in the same screen.

I cant make a 100% format because i know i have personal files inside. But i just cant remove it and make backup cause i dont have anywhere to store the data. So my only solution i believe is to refresh the system with a bootable usb. Is that right? I have a 32gb USB now. Im formatting it to NTFS with 4096 unit allocation size full (not quick) format.

When entering Toshiba support website i entered the serial number, part number and went onto the REPAIRS & PARTS section it prompted the following
SW Media - USB-Satellite C55D-B-Windows 8.1 with Bing-SP
I dont have the money to buy and ship it. So my only solution is to refresh the laptop with an USB of my own doing.

Ii went onto microsoft and downloaded Win8.1_English_x64.iso. So my first question is.. Will i be able to restore,refresh,recover (without losing personal files) With the iso i downloaded from microsft?

Is it another instance of W 8.1? I searched in microsoft support and found this conversation
Where someone says to go here

But this is not an entire OS but a package... Should i somehow merge the iso i downloaded with this package to its compatible with my laptop? Also it says Windows 8.1 K/N versions. Did i download the wrong OS? If its not does anybody know a link where to download the OS i need?

I have been looking some tutorials in YouTube about restoring the OS and found in Dynabook Americas this video

explaining to use the troubleshooter in win 8.1. Is the one i am gonna use? Should i go with refresh option? (i don want to loose personal files)

I understand that may be for some reason i wont be able to recover the OS even with this bootable USB and if this is the case i have been already looking for replacing the storage drive with a new one. Well not new but refurbished or used. Fortunately enough i found a refurbished near me supposedly exactly the same as mine. Oh By the way im from Argentina, forgot to mention that. Here u mostly use mercadolibre to find old things or facebook. I did found the disk in newegg but its way more expensive than buying it here. New i believe but still not in my affordable range. Eventually i will also buy 2x8gb or another 4gb stick DDR3L 1600MHz. Im the details link i put above it says (not user upgradable). But i opened the laptop and i was able to remove the ram stick. It wasnt soldered and it has another slot for 1 more stick.

This made me think the details link i got from Toshiba isnt the right one but every other specification are right. Well i believe are right. CPU is the same as BIOS says, the storage drive doesnt say the model but i when i opened the computer it said TOSHIBA 500gb mq01abf050.

Going back to USB bootable, Can i use that windows iso? Or do i have to use another software?..

If am able to recover the windows id like to try going into Windows 10. Another question would be, is it safe to do the upgrade. Is my drive beyond installing a new OS? Should i forget about restoring and try to save the files or just buy a new one Install a new OS preferable w10 and just forget about it? If i install a new drive with a new OS does anyone know if i need a special media tool for this laptop, drives etc?

Im sure i have more questions to ask. But i cant remember now ...

UPDATE: I could manage to do the Bootable USB with the iso i downloaded and tried it. First i went into BIOS and selected boot with USB but it wouldnt start. Like it took like 10 min and nothing happened. So i removed the USB a little bit and a weird BSOD appeared saying that it didnt have the required drive to boot. So i plugged in again and all down the BSOD it said Press F8 for startup troubleshoot or something like that. Problem is that if i remmember correcly Function key doesnt work.... So misteriously i press the F8 button but without the F key and it did work ... So i got into the Torubleshoot display entered Refresh your PC but now it has been half an hour and it is still saying Please wait .. Seems the only solution is to take the drive away try to make a backup toss it to the garbage and buy a new one.... Unless, correct me if im wrong the Iso im using doesnt work with the laptop i have...

2nd UPDATE: 30 Min later says
There was a problem refreshing your PC. No changes were made. Cancel.....

3rd UPDATE: I just found out u can open CMD Notepad and then open file and make backup from there. So the files are all there i can see them all. I don have anywhere near the storage capacity to backup everything (100gb). Ill w8 with this until i can afford an external drive or an usb with this capacity. Very expensive here in Argentina. But if i can acess the files then there must be something wrong with windows .. So do i have any chance in keeping the drive?

Could it be that doesnt work because my system is 32bit?
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Two options, buy a new hard drive, use the USB installer of Windows to install Windows. Copy files from your old disk using a USB enclosure or as a secondary drive in another system.

If you don't care if this system works and just need the files, skip the buying new drive and Windows step, just remove the disk and copy files from it.
Sep 24, 2019
Thnk u very much for answering.
Ehm Toshiba says that the USB recovery media coss almost 50 bucks.
SW Media - USB-Satellite C55D-B-Windows 8.1 with Bing-SP

Its almost 3k here in Argentina.. Too much for me. Doesnt seem expensive but i cant even afford 0.1 dolar .

Exactly Windows 8.1 with Bing-SP would be the system.
Do i need the Bing-SP part attached to the windows USB Media somehow?

2 Questions.
1st: With which edition of Windows can i resfresh (preferably) or reinstall my windows?

Windows 8.1 Download

2nd: Do u know, or anyone how to get the drivers of my computer?

Ty very much again for answering.
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