Question Toshiba Satellite keyboard types 6 and y together, 4 and r, space and 0

Oct 4, 2019
My husband has a seven year old Toshiba Satellite Z930 laptop. Today it began linking the 6 and y keys, so when one key is pressed the characters of both keys show on the screen. The same thing happens with r and 4, and the space bar and 0. The laptop runs Windows 10

I've checked sticky keys and link keys are disabled, made sure numlock is off, checked the language settings, tried the keyboard troubleshooter which shows no problem, uninstalled the keyboard driver then restarted the laptop, and uninstalled a bunch of updates Windows 10 did yesterday then restarted.

The problem seems to apply to all programmes/ search boxes. I can't access BIOS on the machine (neither ESC or F2 when booting seem to do anything), but when I pulled up the onscreen keyboard and used the trackpad to select letters, everything displayed as it should.

If anyone has any ideas it would be very much appreciated! Should I try reinstalling Windows 10, is there anything I can do to the keyboard that might help or is it time to buy an external keyboard?

Thank you!