Question Toshiba Satellite laptop "bricked" after flashing wrong BIOS update --- any hope ?

May 16, 2022
I have a Toshiba Satellite C55-C-1UK laptop.
When trying to update the bios it did not let me update since the version of the file (BLY140) does not match the bios version (BLQ 5.10).

So I foolishly OVERRODE it and flashed it, ignoring the mismatch.
Now the laptop does not turn on. no lights and cpu fan does not move.

The historical reason why i tried to update was because it did not boot into windows, just rebooted as soon as windows came up.
It started entering recovery mode and kept rebooting.
External usb boot could not boot into any windows (pe's, 10 and xp).
It did boot into dos or linux terminal.

I even replaced the hard drive (which was unhealthy with bad sectors) and installed a new OS directly on a new ssd drive (externally on a different pc - from an image) and switched UEFI and CSM but to no avail, it only got as far as the gui mode. So I thought maybe a BIOS update would help.

My question is, is there any way to recover from my foolish step?

Please if you have any idea.

Thank you so very much in advance.
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