[SOLVED] Toshiba Satellite Radius P55W-B5112 upgrade to Windows 11

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Jul 6, 2021
Hello everyone:

I was trying to check if my laptop is eligible to upgrade to Windows11 when the time comes, but after I ran the 'Health Check App' of windows, it came up and said my PC does not support Windows 11 upgrade.

I currently have [Toshiba satellite radius p55w-b5112] , [64-bit Windows] installed, and RAM upgrade to maximum which is 16Gb.

hard-drive I have SSD, although I would not think it should have much to do with the hard drive (MS says as long as it's over 64Gb, it's fine -- mine is well over 64GN currently )

is there anything I can upgrade to make it work with Windows 11 ?

I know there are some really computer genius people out there, let me know if I can make it eligible with legit way by maybe upgrading/replacing some hardware component ?

I don't want to use any tricks or workarounds, I'm concerned that one day it may come back to get to me.

I am looking for a possible solution to make it work (without having to buy a new laptop)

Thank you anyone who replied in advance
Not open for further replies.