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Toshibarecoverydiskdownload/toshiba satellite c655-S5212


Jun 25, 2012
my husband has screwed yet a 3rd(mine) computer up by making it so that windows/microsoft update can't even be enabled by xfinity tech support or geek squad, my webcam is listed in devices & printers-but not in programs & features. voice recognition is still there, but FACE RECOGNITION has been hidden from me so i can't use it. ...& all my TOSHIBA apps have disappeared except a ew one installed itself. i told thew tech's about it & they all get very serious & tell me never to mess w/ it-it deals w/ putting BIOS passwords on & they said it would ruin my computer. the toshiba tech on the pone & all the geek squad & xfinity tech support people tell me i eed to contact toshiba & that it sonds like an OS problem.
please help, i have some cd=rw empty diskss & the toshiba tech told me to go HEWRE & download 'restore' onto a dissk, flash drive, or sd card & just erase the whole mess & start from scratch. that sounds fine w/ me. start w/ a clean slate...then i'm getting a safe to lock my laptop in & wearing the keys around my neck. my email address is
someone. please. HELP!!! :sweat:
hi there

dont post your email unless you want spammed

you should have a hidden recovery partition

usually pressing 0 at start up on toshibas takes you there

or f8 at start up then repair my computer then factory restore can also get you there

using it will wipe your hard drive so save anything important 1st

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