Toshiba's X300 5TB 3.5" Hard drive - Reliable? Little to no failrate??


Jan 19, 2016
According to its PCpartpicker menu, the X300's currently priced at $144. I want it, but I can't just rely on Amazon for reviews.

I do have some history with Toshiba. I've bought a 1TB laptop hard drive for my PS3. So far, PS3's not dead and the hard drive's been alive for almost a year now.

The X300 I want to buy will just be for media archiving and I do not intend to keep my computer on 24/7.

Had several Toshiba drives - the only one that's failed me was a 500 gig laptop drive that was over 4 years old and had been dropped while on.

There's a 160 in a laptop from 2006-ish that still works, and my 3 TB desktop has been merrily chugging along for about a year and a half now. Generally good stuff, most are pretty reliable drives. Of course, everyone gets a bad one, from any manufacturer, every now and then.

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