Oct 20, 2018

So I have a Toshiba Tecra M5 laptop.

I bought it off eBay a few months ago. It was working fine except the fan was getting too
loud/hot. But then it would no longer turn on. One of the lights on the side flashes on/off
but that is it.

I have tried looking up the issue on google and youtube and followed the method of holding
the power button down for a minute and then turning it on again, as well as trying to start
it both with and without the removeable battery, but nothing works. :(

I did contact the seller a few months ago and said he would fix these issues but I never
got round to sending off the laptop and instead bought another Dell laptop from the same
era. I tried to contact the seller again today on eBay but it said that I could not contact
the seller becuase the transaction was over 90 days old. :(

But I paid £70 for it and it seems a shame to just chuck it out. It is only 14 inches
screen and 4:3 ratio which means it is nice and compact (it's also not too heavy) so ideal for taking with me on
holiday. Could also use it as a Windows XP machine (my Dell laptop runs Windows 7) or use
it to test unknown files off the internet for viruses etc. Or I could give it to my dad as
he needs a laptop and the one he's got at the moment is very slow (it runs Vista eeeeeeek).

Anyone any ideas?

(apologies for bad text formatting, I copied this from a notepad document).