[SOLVED] Total amount of data written rises more quickly than expected during partitioning ?


May 11, 2008
Let me state at the outset that this post arises out of academic curiosity and has nothing to do with concern about reaching the TBW rating prematurely.

I'm toying with a new Crucial MX500 1TB SSD by creating partitions with a combination of Diskpart and Minitool Partition Wizard , including system and OEM partitions. Before starting anything else, I ran CDI and it reported zero for TBW, power on hours and power cycle. Then I did a surface scan with HDTune up to 2% which should involve the first ~19GB. Still zero GB written in CDI.

Then I started experimenting with the partitioning. After I'd finished creating 10 partitions (GPT system and OEM), I was surprised to see that the amount of data written had reached 17GB. Today I cleaned the disk and created essentially the same partitions again. Not a single byte of user data has been written but the amount of data written has risen to 27GB.

The only times an operation finished other than near-instantaneously were when I manually set the type IDs of some partitions. These took a few seconds each. Can this be when those GBs were written?