Total overdose compatible sound card

Core cutter

Nov 11, 2012
Currently I have directx 11 and when I try to play total overdose it shows "directx 9 compatible sound card was not found "what does that mean
it means you need to update your sound drivers. also check the games config options to make sure its selecting the default playback device.
there may be something in the ingame audio options. if not look for a gonfig maker or a cfg file in the main install folder.
try running dxdiag and then check the audio isnt throwing up any errors in that... if its clean then check the games cache (if its direct to drive/steam or some other direct download.
repair install if all else fails. making sure you install the direct x that comes with the game . your likely to find it in a resorce folder either on the disk or in the install folder.


Nov 2, 2012
what is your current playble Sound i mean which sound card you have to play songs movies etc. and did you installed your driver form motherboard cd if u not then intstall it.....