Question touchpad multi-touch gesture has not worked since 2017 (ASUS ROG G701 VI)

Nov 20, 2021
I've tried googling it and it says I've got to have Asus ATK package and the latest smart gesture/ASUS precision drivers, which I do.

I've found some other posts that talk about a similar problem, with no solution offered

Asus had previously told me
"Regarding your inquiry about your touchpad issue, kindly note that you need to install ASUS Precision Touchpad from the below link: "
We would like for you to install your ASUS Precision Touchpad Version V11.0.11

Along with your chipset driver Version V10.1.1.11

*Here are the instructions to install:
*After the download is completed, right click on the 'zipped' folder and choose “extract” or “extract all”.
*After all the contents have been extracted; you may delete/disregard the zipped folder.
*Next, double click the PNPINST64 or SETUP file to run the installation.
*Please choose to 'repair' or 'update' the existing installation (driver) if any one of those options do appear in the setup.
*Finally, restart after the installation is completed. "
As I've said, I already downloaded all the suggested software and did the whole deal about uninstalling drivers, reinstalling them, disabling, re-enabling, updating drivers, updating Windows, restarting, etc... to no avail.

I've also got everything that can be downloaded from my laptop's official support page here