Question Touchscreen stopped working, possibly after a driver update ?


Dec 27, 2016

Laptop model: HP Pavilion 15-ab253ca

This is my wife's laptop. running win 10, fully updated. Touchscreen used to work.
About a year ago, according to my wife, there was some kind of driver update she did. She seems to think is was from a driver update utility software, hough I have told her never to use those, she did.

But after the driver update, and reboot, the touchscreen stopped working. She did not tell me about this then. I'm just finding out now, as I am just using it after a couple of years.
Device manger shows nothing wrong for any device. It does show under Mice & Other Pointing Devices; USB Touchscreen Controller (C04D). Under its properties, there is no driver rollback, and the current driver is up to date. I have disabled this driver and rebooted, and it stays disabled. Reenabling does not get touch working.

In Control Panel ; System, reports "No pen or touch input is available for this display"
At the HP page for this computer, there are not touchscreen drivers I can see.
I would like to solve this minor, but annoying problem.
Any suggestions or ideas ?




Dec 27, 2016
Thanks for the reply!
The TouchPad is working normally.
It is the touch screen that is not.
I saw that driver on that page. But wouldn't the touch screen driver be a different file as it a different piece of hardware?


Dec 27, 2016
My wife let me back to this topic after using this laptop for a while.
I just went through the steps listed in the above link more thoroughly.

1 Confirm that the computer has a touch screen
-yes it does.
2 Enable and reinstall the touch screen driver in Device Manager
- it is not listed there, see my notes in 1st post
3 Configure the touch display
- When I "In Windows, search for and open Calibrate the screen for pen and touch input" I only get web page results. Nothing from within this laptop.
4 Run Windows Update
-The system has always been up to date
5 Perform a touch screen diagnostic test in HP Hardware Diagnostics
- The touchscreen works perfectly from the BIOS tests. So all this is not a hardware issue.
6 Adjust the power management settings for your touch screen
-The requires that am able to find the touchscreen driver in device manager HID section nd as noted above it is not there.
7 Perform a Hard Reset.
- I pulled out the battery for and pressed the power button for 30 seconds. Replaced battery, power up. No change. I did a hardware change search and I show device other device 12589 and other device 788955. These seem like external devices. There are no new entries in Device Manger and still not ? or ! there.
8 Update the BIOS and graphics driver
- The system BIOS has been on the latest version for many years, long before touch stopped working. All drivers, as noted above are up to date, and also probably the cause of this issue we are working to solve.
9 Perform a Windows system reset
-Very very very last resort. I want to avoid this if at all possible. Lots of installed programs, with keys she probably has lost, preferred settings, passwords, saved logins & pages, custom shortcuts, data stored where my wife likes it. Major pain to do a WIN reset.
10 Perform a System Restore to resolve an issue in Windows
-This is one thing I first tried, and there only a couple restore points from last couple months, both to get the HP auto hardware scan to work.

SO, I'm still stuck with no TouchScreen.
Any further suggestions or ideas?
Perhaps looking for and changing to registry keys?
I wanted to post some screen shots but this forum only wants a web page not a from a local drive.
Thanks for any help


Nov 30, 2021
No answer, but you can upload the images to an image hosting site (there are many). Most websites do not allow direct uploads of images over a certain size.