[Tournament report] Swedish ECQ



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Well, a late report is better then no report at all. So here goes.

38 players had Gathered to try to qualify for this years European
Championship. The tourney was held on the 26 of march at the rpg
convention GothCon in Gothenburg. International attendance was lower
then expected with players attending from Norway and Austria (I was
hoping for players from Denmark, Finland and the UK). But national
attendance was higher then expected so it all went well anyway :)

Can't say much about the qualifying rounds but I remember some fun
things happening while I walked around.

- One of the tables had a total of 20 Breath of the Dragon in the
- One player played a malkavian prank managing to guess the correct
number of pool for every player (hey, who needs x-table buddies).
- First oust in the tourney was after 13 minutes.
- One of the players took a total of three GW's then decided not to
play in the finals.

After all three qualifying rounds the finalists were:
1. Mats Ole Ellingsen, 2 GW, 9 VP playing some kind of OBF/PRE SNB.
2. Henrik Wallgren, 1 GW, 6VP playing bleeding malks with pulses.
3. Gunder Auden Dragsten, 1 GW, 6 VP playing g1-2 Potence Ventrue.
4. Karl Gustavsson, 1 GW, 6 VP playing Renegade Garou crazyness.
5. Henrik Klippström, 1 GW, 5 VP playing his version of Hugh
Angseesings "prey punisher".

The finals went pretty quick. Henrik Wallgren bled Gunder heavily with
his pulses while Karl brought his first renegades into play and started
to vote. Gunder was ousted and Henrik Wallgren made a deal with Karl
fearing the fist of the garou that he would help Karl oust his first
two preys and then Karl would let him withdraw. Karl who's deck went
very well atm accepted the deal and ousted his first two preys giving
Henrik Wallgren some pool from the parity shifts to keep him alive from
Greta and friends. Then Henrik Wallgren was allowed to withdraw and the
finals ended with Karl taking 3 vp and the GW while Henrik Wallgren
took 2 vp.
Except for the lame deal, it was a good final.

The following players are qualified to play in the EC 2005.
1. Karl Gustavsson
2. Henrik Wallgren
3. Mats Ole Ellingsen
4. Gunder Auden Dragsten
5. Henrik Klippström
6. Haviet Kok
7. Max Widén
8. Daniel Ahlberg
9. Daniel Henriksson
10. Simon Carlsson

Karls winning deck follows below:

Crypt: 12
4x Chandler Hungerford
2x Giuliano Vincenzi
2x Ricki Van Demsi
1x Vliam Andor
1x Ramona
1x Ramona adv.
1x Anastasia Grey

5x Gangrel Justicar
8x Renegade Garou
7x Parity Shift
2x Dragonbound

4x Form of mist
4x Earth Control
4x Flesh of Marble
2x Earth meld
3x Dogde

1x Gregory Winter
1x Ivory Bow
2x .44 Magnum
1x J.S Simmons esq.
1x Tasha Morgan
1x Transfer of Power
1x Praxis Seizure: Glasgow
1x Praxis Seizure: Atlanta
2x Rastacourere
1x Carlton Van Wyk
1x Ossian

1x Protean
1x Retribution
2x Direct intervention
1x Backways
2x Dreams of the Sphinx
1x Eco Terrorist
2x Blood doll

Best Wishes!
Prince of Gothenburg