Review TP-Link Archer A7 AC1750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router Review

Used a version of this router for a number of years til it quit. Great value for the money. Replaced it with another budget TPLINK with faster speeds and it works great. I just don't see spending more than this on a router. If you need it fast, there's no replacement for a cable.
Nice and fast budget router. Proven in life - no problems to cover anything from 100 m2 flat to 500 m2 2-story family home.

This budget router is even better with OpenWRT. They work great as both routers and access points!

Correct. However with these firmware limitations - upload is 20-30% faster than download and idk why that was not fixed through last 8 years already. Also going back to stock firmware from OpenWrt may easy brick this router (did that). Luckily TFTP + serial cable can fix that (also did that).

I wonder why most of the new models still come with GbE and not 2.5 GbE. There is one 2.5 GbE TP-Link model, but it's expensive.

2.5 GbE require different and more expensive SOC and surrounding circuitry. Still most users have only GbE network adapters and even slower uplinks. Seems there is no economic reason to make 2.5 GbE mainstream yet.
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Mar 2, 2021
Indeed, it's not the most advanced router or anything, but it seems fine to me. Although I'd like it had better security features. But that's just me, IDK