Question Tp-Link Archer MR200 not connecting well with Android 9 mobile phones

Dec 19, 2019

Help please, I am using Tp-Link Archer MR200 as 4G router with SIM as I am too far from the city to get decent connection any other way in my country.

The problem is connecting it with mobile phones working on Android 9 when set in 4G mode. It works great with PC (cable or dongle connection), works great connected to laptop (both Win 10) works great on older 3 Samsung phones ( 2 working on android 7, one even on 4 something) and two Huawei phones (using Android 7) 4G no problem. Android 9 phones on the other hand... 2 Nokia 6 phones, Samsung A80 and 2 other Samsung Android 9 phones I'm not sure of the models work horrendous on 4G, speed at which they connect is 5-6 bytes/sec (they do connect) when i switch mode to 3G on router they connect great but then I use just the fraction of speed available to me (on 4G i can get to 50-60 Mbps, on 3G 10-15).

I don't think the router is at fault, I think it's the Android compatibility, tried all I could find online to no avail, kinda freaking out a bit now, send help and Prozac.

If there is no solution at least tell me I'm not alone with this problem.