Question TP-LINK Archer T4U AC1300 Dual Band or Archer T3U


Dec 22, 2016

I would like to buy a new USB Wifi adapter for my PC, because my current TP Link tl WN821N V4 is not compatible with win10. So I searched for a new one in webshops, read reviews, comparisons and found these two as the best options IMO. But the problem is that I can't really decide which one should I choose. I read the T4U AC1300 Dual Band is faster than the another but it get unstable and drops the connection if it gets hot. About the Archer T3U I read in customer opinions that it gives 5000 ping once in a hour. I find it weird.

I mostly play Call of Duty multiplayer so a good connection with low ping is important. I was fine with this wn821n V4, and these two are better so I would choose the weaker one too if it is a good product.
Win7 compatibility is also important for me.

Do somebody have experience with these two adapter? Which one do you recommend?
So some random guy posts one device gets drops and another random guy says the other gets 5000 ping. You pretty much can't believe the vast majority of what you see about wifi performance.

Wifi is greatly affected by the environment it is tested in. Someone living in a apartment with lots of close neighbors is going to get far different results from someone living out on a farm in the country. Also someone say living in a house that has poured concrete walls is going to be very different from someone living a house with a open floor plan.

Both those device uses exactly the same chipset so the performance will likely be very similar. Unfortunately there are many different sub versions of both those units making it even harder. From what i can tell one unit has larger antenna than the other and that should provide a better signal. You should always run USB wifi adapters on extension cables to get them away from the back of a desktop computer.

For games you really do not want to use any kind of wireless. All wireless is going to get latency spikes because of interfering signals from outside your house. If you are going to spend money I would first try to find a way to run a ethernet cable. If that is a not a option consider using MoCA if you have tv coax in both rooms. If neither of those is a option consider powerline network devices. All these will give you a much better network connection when your primary use is online games. Games need very little bandwidth but they demand quality connections with consistent latency