Question TP-LINK Driver: Unable to find your device


Apr 18, 2015
I just installed windows 10 on a new SSD but i had no internet even though my wireless adapter was connected and being detected (device manager) as "USB 2.0 WLAN" under "Other devices". So i went to TP-LINK page and downloaded TL-WN722N driver zip (For WinXP/Win7/Win8/Win8.1/Win10 32bit/64bit) and copied this zip to some usb. I put the usb on the new windows 10 build and run the drivers but it says:

Unable to find your adapter. Please make sure you've inserted the adapter and selected the right model

The adapter is connected/detected and it's the same model, though i find it weird that it appears under "other devices" rather than under "wireless adapters" on device manager. Could anyone please help me on this one? i'll leave pics below.

Feb 16, 2019
If your adapter is connected and detected... check the driver in device manager. If it's Microsoft issued uninstall it do not restart and then try installing the driver again. If that doesn't work install the driver via the devices properties and choose the I have a disk option and navigate directly to the folder.

If it's being detected as USB 2.0 WLAN chances are that Windows has installed drivers for it and they are not right.
I'd get the chipset and "PCI simple communications" drivers first. I'm assuming this is Intel since the latter driver is often the Intel Management Engine driver. After that, restart and if the TP-link installer still doesn't see it, right-click the entry in Device Manager, go to Update driver and update manually, browsing to the folder containing the driver files in the window that opens