Question Tp link powerline adapter dropping speed

May 2, 2019
Hey guys,

So I'm using a Powerline network adapter from TP link to run an ethernet connection into my desktop and I'm pretty much always getting half the speed that my wireless devices are most of the time.

Interestingly enough, if I reset the connection between the powerline adapters, it goes up to full speed, but then like 20-30 minutes later, it drops back to half.

I'm one room away and don't have the option of running a long ethernet cable all the way to the other room.

What can I do to ensure stable connection for long periods?
There really are no configuration options. You plug them into outlets and sync them. The speed all depends on the quality and length of the wires between the 2 locations. Really all you can do is try another outlet. Maybe a shorter ethernet cable to reach a different outlet would work better.

It also depends on what you are doing with your connection primarily. You might be able to download a game faster on wifi but playing the game likely will have more lag on wifi than on powerline. All depends on your house construction your neighbors using wifi and what is most important to you which is actually better.