[SOLVED] TP-Link powerline adapter randomly drops connection


Jan 8, 2018
I have been using a pair of TP-Link AV500 powerline adapters for a few years now to get ethernet to my PC. However, a few months ago, they dropped the connection entirely. Windows said I had a connection, but no internet. Normally unplugging and replugging an adaptor back into the wall outlet was enough to get internet back, but no matter what I did, it refused to connect again.

Eventually though, after trying new adapters and ethernet cords which also failed, the connection came back on my old setup and I didn't have any problems since.

Until recently when the same issue has now come back for no reason whatsoever.

Any feedback is appreciated, and no, I can't get a direct wired connection, this is the best I can do.
OK, everything seemed fine on my wi-fi and ethernet adaptor, except my ethernet, had no DHCP enabled.
Well that could be a problem. If you had a static IP address that got duplicated by the DHCP server, that would be bad. Generally DHCP should be eneabled and if you want to override the DNS, it is best to do that on the router.
Have you run the tpPLC Utility? It'll tell you how strong the connection is between the two.

From my experience setting up in various houses. There is a huge difference in the reliability and range of those older units and the newer TP-Link AV1200, AV1300 and AV2000 series (not to be confused with the Zyxel of the same name). The 2x2 MIMO they use makes a difference.