Question TP-Link Powerline Adapters not giving full speed


Sep 8, 2016
Recently had my Internet speed upgraded from around 30-40 to 150mbps. Direct from router pc is getting the advertised 150(ish)mbps but upstairs while using the powerline adapter it only gets 30. Upload speed seems to have increased over the adapter but download is pretty much exact same as before.
Had a look on PC for any software that may be limiting it to the old speed, nothing there. Tried resetting the adapters, no luck. ISP recommends keeping router on for 10 days after install so haven't restarted it. Another PC using an adapter also only gets 30mbps so it seems its the adapters that are at fault - they are rated for up to 300mbps however.
Any ideas?


30 is actually better than I’d expect from a 300 Powerline adapter. Real world speed on those is usually way under the listed specs.

Even with a 1300/2000 adapter. It’s unusual to go past 200/300. Except on a short run on the same phase.

I would recommend the TP Link AV1300 or AV2000. As they use MIMO for the connection. Not the AV1000 as it doesn’t have MIMO.

Just to check. You don’t have either connected to a surge protector. Right? That really screws with them.

TP Link also has a WiFi powerline model. Which adds an Access Point. As there are a few. It should look like the models I listed. Plus be a Powerline model. Not a stand-alone extender.

They also have the Deco line. Which is mesh WiFi. They offer this with and without Powerline back haul.
It would be nice if there was some way companies could get in trouble for being so deceptive.

As mentioned 300 powerline units will be lucky to get the 30mbps you are getting. Proof the company knows they are telling outright lies is the devices only have 10/100 ethernet ports. So even if everything worked by magic you could never exceed 100mbps.

The only technology that will give you fast speeds other than ethernet is MoCA but you need coax tv cable between the rooms. Moca can actually get gigabit speeds for most people.
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30Mbps is pretty good for 300Mbps powerlines. I have 500av units in one installation that gets only 30Mbps and even had 600av units in another install that only got 30Mbps. The newer ones are a lot better though as a 'new to me' set of 1200 units got me 150Mbps.

Moca can even go beyond 1Gbps as some of the newest ones 2.5Gbps and even have a 2.5Gbps port on them.