Question TP Link router port forwarding / virtual servers not working

Feb 13, 2019
I'm having issues establishing a VPN connection from my mobile device back to my home server. I believe this is a port forwarding issue on my wireless router (Archer MR200).

I have a static public IP for my home network. My wireless router has been configured to allow port forwarding on the virtual servers for my specific port going to my outside firewall's IP. I tested the whole setup internally with success. My phone established a VPN connection with my server while connected to my local network, I could even see the traffic coming in through the firewall. But when I try to connect externally to my home WAN IP via my phone's 4G cell service, I am unable to connect or see any traffic flowing. NAT shouldn't be an issue here because I have a public IP.

So far these are the steps I've done:
  • Looked thru the firewall logs to see where traffic is being blocked; cannot see any traffic from phone's external networking coming in
  • Configured a DMZ on my wireless router
  • Contacted my ISP's firewall team to verify my IP would allow the port through
  • Did a tracetcp from an external network to my home's WAN IP for my specific port; i could see all the hops and received a destination reached so I know that my port is not being blocked by my ISP
Given all this info, could this be port forwarding issues on my internal network?

Thanks in advance for the assistance.

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